Eriel Indigo sheds light on her provocative song “Wasted” and upcoming album [Interview]

Los Angeles based rapper, singer and creative activist Eriel Indigo has never shied away from tackling uncomfortable topics. This attitude is encapsulated on her latest single, “Wasted”. The provocative song sees the independent musician detailing her experiences in the music industry.

“Wasted” is actually the third single off of her upcoming album, Angels & Aliens. Produced by Kevn Blvk (whose contribution extends throughout the LP), the pop-influenced hip-hop track captures the essence of the song.

Aipate reached out to Eriel for an interview and the “Basic for breakfast” singer shed some light on the new song and forthcoming album.

Your new single single “WASTED” bluntly criticizes the music business’ treatment of female artists. Is this something you’ve had to deal with personally?

For sure. It’s written from personal experience, not about one particular situation, but an amalgamation of experiences. I really identify as non-binary or gender fluid, but I don’t think there’s a working artist who hasn’t had to deal with an uncomfortable situation in one way or another, whether they identify as a female, male, trans, non-binary, gender fluid etc.. It may come in different forms but I think across all industries and as a society in general we have a lot of growing & education left to do around boundaries, mutual respect, sexuality, the balance of masculine/feminine vibrations, communication, shame & more. As open as we can be with dialogue around the wounded, sick & broken parts of how we interact with one another, the better, so that we can all learn to embody a healthier world.

Previous singles “Renegades” and “Basic For Breakfast” are similarly explosive. Does this extend throughout the upcoming album? What was the overall inspiration?

I would say that the album as a whole definitely has button pushing themes sprinkled throughout, but that’s nothing new for me. Hahaha. I’ve always been inspired to bring attention to subjects that I think need more transparency & thought provocation around them.

You sometimes explore dark themes in your music. Does your creative process usually take you so deep?

I think more often than not, it’s the opposite. I’m already exploring & experiencing the emotion of the stories I drop into with art & through the creative process, I’m able to bring a lightness of being to what some might think of as “dark” subject matter. I already go deep & the music is a portal through which I can transform lower vibration emotions like anger, rage, or sadness into higher vibes of empowerment & exultation.

Your sound combines pop, hip-hop and punk rock. Which artists would you say are your key influences?

I grew up listening to music of all genres from the beginning of music recording until now, so I draw from a really wide range of sound. I would say that I’m most influenced by artists who are creative revolutionaries, Heyokas, button pushers & awesome, sentient being transmitters of higher information & otherworldly sonic expression.

How much of your own input goes into creating these music videos, considering their relevance to the songs/themes?

I write all my own music & write & direct all of my own videos. I bring in teams to help me bring them to life & usually invite a co-director to be behind the camera, along side the director of photography, since I can’t be two places at once… as of yet. Hahaha

When can we expect an announcement of the album release date?

I should be announcing a date within the next month. I’m so hyped about this project. I feel like it’s the most genuine music to my soul that I’ve ever made. I’m really grateful to my producer on the album, KEVN BLVK for allowing me so fully to do whatever the f I wanted with an openness, supportive nature & absence of ego that I have rarely experienced with a collaborator. It’s been a beautiful journey.

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