10 new R&B songs to add to your playlist

Aipate’s latest R&B roundup is here. Enjoy the selection of 10 new songs.

Emanuel – “Worldwide”

Emanuel is emerging as one of the most exciting newcomers in the R&B scene. The Canadian-Ethiopian singer is getting closer to the release of his debut album. At the moment, he has a brand new song out. Titled “Worldwide”, it continues his streak of impressive singles. “Worldwide” captures Emanuel’s state of mind.

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MELONYX – “Energy”

As their first ever release, Nottingham-based UK duo MELONYX (Georgia Copeland and Nadia Latoya) shared a double-single, “Melanin Queens/Energy”. The two soulful R&B tracks were produced by Joe Buhdha. Influence from hip-hop and soul is clearly discernible, with the singers showcasing their strong vocals, swaying harmonies and inspired lyrics. They hold that “reciprocation and protecting one’s energy is a principle we firmly stand by and believe in”. The duo is signed to the label Tru Thoughts.

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OHAD – “Can’t Be Alone”

Ohad Ashkenazi, or simply OHAD, is a 25-year-old Israeli singer-songwriter who makes R&B music with a shade of pop. Currently, the artist is gearing towards the release of his debut EP titled Show Me (due May 19th). Ahead of the project, he released the single “Can’t Be Alone”, which was produced by Roey Bitan and accompanied by a self-created music video. “Can’t Be Alone” is about dealing with the reality that a relationship is ending.

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Cheyenne Nicole – “Align”

Besides her strong voice, another impressive thing about up-and-coming Canadian R&B artist Cheyenne Nicole is her honest songwriting. For those not already hooked to her music, her newest single “Align” is a place to start. The song is about meeting someone who immediately steals your heart. The track saw Nicole working with her go-to producer, Nimz. We got introduced to the singer-songwriter last year though her “Nobody But You” single.

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AKA Block x Kéo x ØHENRY – “Starting A Flame”

Dutch artist & producer AKA Block‘s latest release is the single “Starting A Flame”. Featuring Los Angeles singer Kéo and San Francisco artist ØHenry, it’s a sweet, laid-back R&B jam. “Starting A Flame” mixes smooth vocals, romantic lyrics and a groovy production. It’s the title-track to AKA Block’s upcoming EP, Starting A Flame 101.

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Born Human x Haley Ahonen – “I Need A Man”

“I Need A Man” is a powerful new song by Canadian newcomers Born Human (producer) and Haley Ahonen (singer). The soulful track is excellent in composition, delivery and production. Haley’s stirring vocals adds another compelling edge to the thought-provoking lyrics. Written from a female perspective, “I Need A Man” speaks about the objectification of women.

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Elle Baez – “Come Back”

Brooklyn-based artist Elle Baez shared the video for her newest song, “Come Back”. Produced by Tiger Darrow, it is a smooth R&B track. The song is finds Elle reminiscing moments with her best friend. She notes, “losing a best friend is a topic you don’t often hear a lot about in mainstream pop music. A best friend can be anyone in your life; a partner, a lover, a parent, a sibling. I wrote this song when I thought I had lost my best friend and I couldn’t bear the thought of it. We had already been through so much together and I knew our friendship was too important to let anything get in the way. We had just traveled Europe together. It was written from my heart and was a huge piece of what brought our friendship back together.”

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Marlounsly – “Senseless”

Rising US-based R&B singer Marlounsly released a new song called “Senseless” last Friday. It is a sensual and playful song with an nostalgia-inducing retro-funk flavour. The track was produced by N Soul. “After a drive home from the studio, it was late night, my friends and I were playing around with beats,” Marlounsly says, continuing: “This beat came on and the energy that came out was so pure that I had to record it!“. Currently living in Florida, the singer-songwriter was born in Haiti and moved the the US at the age of 4.

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goodboy noah – “dumb”

goodboy noah is a breakout artist who recently dropped his debut EP titled nice. Independently released, the mini-album is 5 tracks long. Alongside the EP, he unveiled the visuals for “dumb”. This an additive R&B/pop track that highlights goodboy’s penchant for catchy hooks.

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Grace May – “Rose Coloured”

24-year-old R&B singer-songwriter Grace May will be unveiling her debut EP, L.V.R., on May 14. A couple of weeks ago, the Toronto artist shared the single, “Rose Coloured”. The emotional song arrived paired with a beautiful video. May commented: “’Rose Coloured’ is about coming to the realization that because you were so in love, you missed all of the signs telling you the relationship you were in was actually not a good one. That even through all of the let downs and red flags, to you, they were just your knight in shining armour.”

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