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Every Friday, the Aipate Team picks new songs for the New Release Friday playlist. Listen to this week’s selection and read our notes about some of the releases.

IJALE x Yung Shōgun x ThatKidMaz – “LIKE THAT”

Rising Nigerian-born Melbourne-based artist IJALE turned to fellow Australian newcomers Yung Shōgun and ThatKidMaz to create his newest song, “LIKE THAT”. It’s an enchanting hybrid of Afropop and hip hop sounds. The production on “LIKE THAT” is crisp and the artists take the cue to deliver solid verses. With the addictive hook, you’ll definitely vibe to this.

<<Find IJALE, Yung Shōgun and ThatKidMaz on Instagram>>

EREZ – “Dance It Away”

Born in New York, raised in Israel and now based out of Los Angeles, EREZ is truly multi-cultural. The singer and producer embeds such influences into her sound, with her newest single “Dance It Away” being a perfect illustration. It’s a slow, sexy electro-pop track with a dance-inducing sensation. “Dance It Away” is simply made to soothe you, whenever you’ll need such a therapy. EREZ remarks: “Dancing is one of the only moments where I’m truly able to clear my mind.

<<Find EREZ on Instagram>>

Lo Boii – “Too Attached”

Producer Aalias and singer Corey Latif, who make music together as Lo Boii, are back at it. The US-based duo made up of acclaimed songwriters has released a new song, “Too Attached”. It’s another brilliant display of their forward-thinking blend of R&B and pop. With swaying melodies and a captivating rhythm, “Too Attached” gets you to nod your head irresistibly and pay attention to lyrics at the same.

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CAPYAC – “Ooeeooeeoo”

LA-based duo CAPYAC kicks the tempo higher with their euphoric new single, “Ooeeooeeoo”. The disco funk jam was crafted to be a dancefloor-filler, the song to re-energize the party. As a release, “Ooeeooeeoo” is billed as the final single from the electronic outfit’s upcoming album, CAPYAC FOREVER. Fans of the duo have every reason to be excited ahead of the album release.

<<Find CAPYAC on Instagram>>

Tilsen – “Forever, For Now”

Canadian artist Tilsen has shared a bubbly, new pop cut, “Forever, For Now”. The romance-themed song is characterized by sincere lyrics and sultry vocals. The Toronto native’s says this about it: “I wrote this song at the beginning of a new relationship. I didn’t know where it was headed or how long it would last, but I knew that I had fallen for the person. Whatever happened, I felt it was worth it to love them; to let myself fully give into the feeling and experience everything that came with that.”

<<Find Tilsen on Instagram>>

Pink Elefants – “Sinderella”

Named “Sinderella”, Pink Elefants‘ newest release is a breathtaking piece of dark-pop. The Maryland-based American duo of Finch and Illeven paired it with a spooky video. Musically, “Sinderella” gets its sinister vibe from the clever mix of moody hip-hop beats with eerie pop melodies. According to the outfit, the song talks about the importance of self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance, revolting against outside noise.

<<Find Pink Elefants on Instagram>>

M.A.G.S. – “Wait”

Ahead of the release of his Say Things That Matter album which drops August 13th, indie-rock artist M.A.G.S. has shared a new single. Christened “Wait”, it’s a guitar-driven, high energy tune. The upbeat song was written and produced by Douglas. About it, M.A.G.S. notes, “I made the first demo for ‘Wait’ in August 2019; it was the song that started the whole album process. I remember sending it to [my manager] and saying, ‘This song is definitely going to be a single’. I had an old demo from back in 2016 that had this killer chorus but the rest of the song was kind of whatever, so I repurposed the chorus in a new idea I was working on.

<<Find M.A.G.S. on Instagram>>

Mina x Bryte – “See Something”

The duo of DJ/producer Mina and singer Bryte has unveiled a new club banger. The song is called “See Something” and takes influences from Afrobeat and Afrohouse, sounds native to West and Southern Africa, respectively. “See Something” is the second single from the Mina & Brye’s upcoming Abeka Bugatti EP. The track was released alongside a sleek dance video.

<<Find Mina and Bryte on Instagram>>

Local Nomad – “Billy Joel (NY Lullaby)”

In a new song, Long Island, New York native Michael Desmond, a.k.a Local Nomad, penned a tribute to his city. Named “Billy Joel”, the indie-pop/rock piece is so expressive and heartfelt. It carries warm vocals and dull, nostalgic lyrics. “‘Billy Joel’ is a pandemic anthem and for me, Billy represents everything that is New York City. When I couldn’t sleep as a kid my mom used to play Vienna by Billy Joel and so in 2020 I wrote myself a lullaby to cope with the state of the world. Now it can be our lullaby as we navigate the reopening,” the singer-songwriter comments about this song.

<<Find Local Nomad on Instagram>>

Axel Flóvent x Plàsi – “Chaos”

Icelandic indie-folk singer-songwriter Axel Flóvent worked with fellow Nordic and labelmate Plàsi to unveil a beautiful, new piece called “Chaos”. Out via Nettwerk Records, it’s the latest single from an EP that Axel will be releasing later. Listening to “Chaos”, you will feel the stirring vocals and warm harmonies hit you with a soothing vibe. Axel Flóvent says, “’Chaos’ is about trying to prepare for a time in one’s life that is impossible to prepare for; so, embrace the chaos and go with the flow.”

<<Find Axel Flóvent and Plàsi on Instagram>>

Bootleg Rascal x Citizen Kay x MAXINE – “Therapy”

Australian band Bootleg Rascal are back with a new song and, clearly, a license to extend the party. The track is titled “Therapy” and it’s vibrant and vibey but also thoughtful. Featured artists Citizen Kay and MAXINE blend in perfectly, contributing to the track’s overall fresh feel. Lyrically, the song is reflective, with Bootleg Rascal singer later explaining: “Sometimes, your therapy can be music or switching off in front of the TV, but sometimes not even our biggest distractions are enough. It’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to not be okay.

<<Find Bootleg Rascal, Citizen Kane and MAXINE on Instagram>>

Lutan Fyah x Chris Punk – “Stop Fight Me”

Streethouse Records presents a new single that brought together Jamaican reggae mainstay Lutan Fyah and veteran producer/songwriter Chris Punk. “Stop Fight Me” is an intense piece with socially conscious lyrics. Lutan’s passionate delivery suits into the the groovy track, making it quite refreshing as well

<<Find Lutan Fyah and Chris Punk on Instagram>>

Golan – “Rising To Fall”

Bucharest, Romania-based band Golan have a new song out. Called “Rising To Fall”, it’s hypnotic, evocative and uplifting. “Rising To Fall” is taken from the 3-piece outfit’s upcoming sophomore album titled 1. Golan is made up of Alex, Mihai and Ernesto, who are known for their instrument-heavy and unique music style.

<<Find Golan on Instagram>>

AJ Moreno x x.o.anne – “Why Don’t You Call”

After the success of “Strangers”, British electronic producer AJ Moreno returns to the label Humble Angel Dance with a new track, “Why Don’t You Call”. The house music record features singer x.o.anne, whose delivery comes with a tinge of sentiment. Still, “Why Don’t You Call” carries good vibes.

<<Find AJ Moreno and x.o.anne on Instagram>>

The Lemon Cult – “Hold It”

The Lemon Cult is a new collective of London-based artists that has just entered the scene with an amazing song called “Hold It”. It’s a groovy track that fuses that classic R&B flavour with elements of pop. Thanks to the lovely uplifting vocals and endearing harmonies, the track sounds fun, just like process of creating it. The Lemon Cult is a part-time project that resulted from a need to stay positive during the pandemic and, so, the members are expected to remain anonymous.

<<Find The Lemon Cult on Instagram>>

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