New Release Friday: songs out on August 20th

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Another week, another compilation of new music! Our New Release Friday playlist is now updated; below are scribbled notes about ten of the songs we’ve selected this week.

hoosh – “Commas”

Miami-based Sudanese rapper and singer-songwriter hoosh returns with a new single, “Commas”. The indie-leaning hip-hop track follows the release of his debut EP. While “Commas” is vibey, it’s also lyrically heavy. hoosh says he wrote it one morning after a wild night out. He paired this splendid song with a nice-looking, animated visual.

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Larvik – “All I Am”

“All I Am” is an uplifting EDM anthem from German production duo Larvik. The track carries a catchy chorus, stirring vocals and delicious melodies. Thanks to its vibrant synths, “All I Am” is filled with infectious energy. You’ll need to dance and sing along to this one.

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Sophie Powers – “Life Goes On!!”

Sophie Powers is a 16-year-old rock artist from Toronto, Canada. The teenage sensation is back with a new song called “Life Goes On!!”. It’s a high-octane track whose lyrics were inspired by a disappointing encounter (or absence of it). “I’ve experienced and seen first-hand how badly teenage romance can suck. This song is a true experience of how my friend and I took the subway to meet this guy I liked who was 1 hr away. I was so excited to meet up with him, but I got stood up and it was so embarrassing because I saw him a week later on the subway with another girl,” Sophie remarks.

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Max Rae – “Nice Guy Syndrome”

US pop newcomer Max Rae has shared a new single, “Nice Guy Syndrome”. It’s a cheeky song that plays with the ‘friend zone’ concept. “One of my best guy friends said to me one day ‘You know you’re like the “Friend zone queen” right?’ I was taken back. I guess I have ‘friend zoned’ some guys, but I didn’t think it was that many,” the New Mexico-native singer-songwriter says. For new listeners, “Nice Guy Syndrome” serves as a fitting introduction to the up-and-coming artist.

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Bear2 – “Holy”

Bear2 introduced us to his evocative songwriting earlier this year when he released his debut single, “Retribution”. His latest, a pop cut named “Holy”, carries a similar feel. It is a moving song that will surely resonate with anyone who’s ever been hurt in a relationship. Bear2 explains, “This song is written from the perspective of the one who has been hurt, who is beginning to overlook the mistakes of the previous lover and forgive them for the ways in which they’ve been hurt by them, they have begun to fall in love with them again.”

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CHEL – “Go Home”

After her “View From Down There” single, which was released a couple of months ago, pop singer CHEL is back with another. This one is named “Go Home” and is packed with lots of energy and vibes. Over a bouncy electro pop beat, CHEL delivers her uplifting lyrics. About it, the artist remarks, “…I’ve realized over time that the energy you surround yourself with has a direct impact on how you feel. It has become increasingly important for me to make sure the people in my life bring me joy and love. I know we are not all happy all the time and that is part of being a friend but if the energy is bad all the time, you should probably go home.”

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Uzia – “Best Bad Idea”

Up-and-coming Norwegian singer Uzia worked with producer G-Senz to create her latest single, “Best Bad Idea”, which is out via RIZE. The upbeat and summery pop track blends indie melodies with Caribbean-inspired rhythms. Uzia’s alluring vocals add to the song’s enchanting vibe. With its singalong lyrics, “Best Bad Idea” was undoubtedly made to get the dancefloor euphoric.

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Manny Loveankh x Pupa Tee – “Summer Girl”

UK artist Manny Loveankh is bringing sweet, refreshing melodies your way. His latest single “Summer Girl” features Nigeria’s Pupa Tee and is a sun-kissed feel-good anthem. The catchy, LTTB-produced tune blends Afro-pop and dancehall flavours, creating a song that encapsulates Manny’s personalty and music style. “Summer Girl” is taken from his forthcoming debut EP titled Black Vinyl.

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James Blake – “Life Is Not The Same”

British pop singer-songwriter and producer James Blake releases a new song, “Life Is Not The Same”. Crafted in collaboration with production duo Take A Daytrip, this track is lifted from the artist’s scheduled fifth album, Friends That Break Your Heart (due September 10th). “Life Is Not The Same” is a brooding and introspective piece that gives us a hint of what to expect from the upcoming LP. Simply, this song is overwhelmingly beautiful.

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Idle Dreams – “The First Time”

Welcome to the world of Idle Dreams, a Dublin-based Irish duo made up of singer-songwriter Chris McGrath and guitarist Connor McCabe. This pop/rock outfit is relatively new but the music they make is everything but inferior. Their second single called “The First Time” is an indie gem. Produced by Ben Haynes, the track is vibrant and uplifting but it’s also imbued with a tinge of emotion. “The First Time” talks about young love being thwarted by various complications.

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