Pop music roundup: 10 new tunes you’ve got to listen to

Whether you need to refresh your playlist or are looking for a song for a specific mood, there is always a wide array of choices at your disposal. But just so you don’t get overwhelmed, here are ten pop songs/videos we’ve picked (and hope you’ll like).

iamnotshane – “Don’t Say That”

Los Angeles-based artist iamnotshane unveiled his newest single, “Don’t Say That”, the other week. Released on Snafu Records, the song came paired with a playful, self-directed visual. “Don’t Say That” is an 80s-inspired synth-pop tune with super-addictive melodies and delightful vocals. The song is about dealing with insecurities and embracing your ‘inner weirdo’.

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Stef – “sicc”

Stef is a 21-year-old Nashville-based artist who makes engrossing pop music. This approach is well illustrated on her latest single, “sicc”. On this track, thumping bass and synths accompany Stef as she refreshingly delivers her lyrics. “sicc” is a buoyant song that delves into hookup culture.

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Caroline Romano – “Oddities and Prodigies”

“Oddities and Prodigies” is a new song by Mississippi-born alt-pop singer-songwriter Caroline Romano. With this one, the Billboard-charting artist delivered something quite passionate. Dressed in a pop/rock instrumentation, the song explores life’s contrasts. She says: “‘Oddities and Prodigies’ is my life motto. It’s my hello, and it will one day be my goodbye. In three little words, ‘Oddities and Prodigies’ proclaims my outlook on it all. The older I get the more I realize how many prodigies walk among us. And I’ve learned that oddities and prodigies go hand in hand. This song is me and everything I know, summarized in feeling pretty while lying on the floor.”

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Harley Alaska – “Lose You Too”

Sydney, Australia-based bedroom pop songwriter Harley Alaska finally made his debut. An emotionally affecting piece named “Lose You Too”, his first single is so good that it leaves your mind blown. The song speaks about love and loss and Harley delivers it with the familiarity of someone who’s experienced this first-hand. As a rule, the artist embraces honesty in his writing, a practice that he picked as a high school student writing in the secrecy of his bedroom.

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Joel Ray – “No Sleep”

After taking some break from releasing music, Bern-based Swiss artist and songwriter Joel Ray has returned with a brand new single called “No Sleep”. It is a hooky pop number that’s catchy and easily digestible. “No Sleep” is also quite dance-inducing. The artist created the track together with Zurich-based producer Tom Oehler.

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Olivia Grace – “Space”

US alt. pop up-and-comer Olivia Grace is back with a new single and video. Named “Space”, it is an empowering and relatable song enveloped in a upbeat soundcape. “‘Space’ is about gaining the courage and strength to choose something different for yourself when you’re unhappy with the circumstances you’re in, whatever it may be,” explains LA-based Olivia. With this release, the singer begins the rollout of her upcoming debut album.

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Sciarra – “Dancing In The Dark”

Sciarra grabs our senses with her cinematic new track, “Dancing In The Dark”. Accompanied with a music video, this heart-gripping dark-pop song reflects on the recent events in the singer’s life. Sciarra lost her mother to cancer in the height of the pandemic and, a short while later, she was also diagnosed with skin cancer. With this song, the artist hopes to raise awareness towards cancer and also uplift those going through similar situations.

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Mads Langer – “Lightning”

Danish artist Mads Langer has released a new album via the label Freedom Is A State Of Mind. The 11-track LP is named Where Oceans Meet. Back in August, first single “Lighting” was shared alongside an official video. It is a beautiful pop song that celebrates the universal power of love. “It’s about that moment when you realize that you have met someone special and that you feel that same thing at the same time…that magic thing that you can’t put into words,” Mads remarks.

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Kean Kavanagh – “Summer Nights”

“Summer Nights” is a dreamy yet exuberant single from Irish artist Kean Kavanagh. The song feels both both groovy and calming. Kavanagh created it with some musical support from Ryan Hargadon, who added synths and sax melodies. About “Summer Nights”, Kean states: “I wrote this song about a recurring dream I was having the past year, and it was kind of disturbing me so I wrote and recorded the song to try and change the way that I associate with it.

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Lee Cole – “A Man That Used to Love”

Following from his “Emotional” single, South African indie-pop singer-songwriter Lee Cole returned the other week with another poignant ballad. This one is called “A Man That Used to Love” and was released with an equally moving video. It finds the Johannesburg-based artist dealing with post-breakup blues. “A Man That Used to Love” is such a beautiful song.

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