New Release Friday: songs out on October 22nd

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The latest update on New Release Friday playlist is now live. Enjoy the selection and read details about some of the songs/videos below.

Laur Elle – “Hate That You Love Me”

Canadian-raised artist Laur Elle has released a new single, “Hate That You Love Me”. Accompanied by a nice-looking visual, it is an upbeat indie-pop/rock song that exhibits the artist’s impressive voice. Not long ago, Laur did hop onto fellow Canadian artist Talltale’s track, “Swimming Pools at Night”. About her new song, the singer-songwriter states, “I wrote ‘Hate That You Love Me’ after the worst breakup I’d ever experienced. I was in a bad place mentally and wanted to take the time to find myself again. But of course as soon as I started to do that I met the most amazing person in the world and couldn’t stand the thought of losing them. I found myself flipping back and forth between doing everything I could to heal while in a new relationship, to feeling guilty for not being ready for one.”

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D.E.L – “Sweet”

Following the release of “Yoko“, Australian siblings-trio D.E.L are back with another brilliant track. This one is aptly titled “Sweet”. It is uniquely crafted dream pop music with a laidback feel. About the song, the three brothers reveal: “‘Sweet’ came together fairly quickly, we had a direct vision in mind and tried leaning more into the folk style, with laidback guitars and sweet melodies. Sweet is a track designed to be a soundtrack to a chilled afternoon, looking at the sky or at the beach with your earphones in.

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Dario Lessing x James Chatburn – “Overflow”

“Overflow” is the newest single from German pianist, artist and producer Dario Lessing. A soulful and overwhelmingly beautiful piece, it features vocals by Berlin-based Australian singer James Chatburn. The two artists have been creating music together for a while and, with Dario working on a new album titled Frequency, it was only natural that Chatburn made an appearance. James says,”We met a few times at gigs and Dario has this energy when he gets excited about music. I didn’t know what he was doing when we met for the first session but years later we have spent days and days and days in the studio collaborating.”

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The Technicolors x Mateus Asato – “DJ In Brazil”

Arizona, US-based alt-rock band The Technicolors have just unveiled their fourth album, Cinema Sublimina. It’s 10-track long. Arriving with the album is this experimental dance-funk tune, “DJ In Brazil”. The track features Los Angeles-based Brazilian guitarist Mateus Asato. About this song, The Technicolors reveal: “We had just returned from being on tour in Brazil, where Austin [Scates] and I had extended our trip after the shows to stay on a farm with some friends. We all ended up back in the studio two days after returning to Arizona, in hopes of capturing some of that dynamic shift between a place so vibrant and unfamiliar and the desert, where we all grew up and that sensation of being on your toes is often hard to come by.”

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ROSIE – “All my favorite songs”

With an image that oozes authenticity, 21-year-old pop newcomer ROSIE has earned a tonne of genuine fans since her debut. The artist’s debut EP, 20mg Of Happiness is now out via Arista Records. “All my favourite songs” is one of the seven tracks on this project. It is a magnificent indie-pop piece characterized by raw honesty, something that extends throughout the EP. About the song, ROSIE says, “‘All my favorite songs’ represents the second stage of grief, anger, when every song is associated with a memory and every lyric stings like a wound sterilized with alcohol.

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Aarika – “Make a Move”

Debuting last year with “Uber Home Alone”, a single whose Spotify streams have since surpassed the 1 million mark, Aarika instantly announced herself as an artist to watch. Now, the 20-year-old American singer returns with her second, “Make A Move”. This one is a sultry yet dark dance-pop banger that Aarika wrote about the difficulty in navigating the modern dating scene. She divulges, “When writing this song, I wanted it to be as if it were a glimpse inside of my mind as I’m going through these intense emotions. When your mind runs through a million different scenarios all at once , it is overwhelming and I wanted to find a way to showcase that feeling of frantically searching for answers, trying to understand if the feelings are reciprocated…”

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Batila – “What About Me”

A sweet taste of soulful Afro-pop is what you get when you listen to Berlin-based Congolese singer Batila‘s new song “What About Me”. Another exhibition of his ‘Bantu soul’ sound, this track is lifted from Batila’s upcoming album TATAMANA (Hold Onto What You Love) — that project expected to drop on November 19. “What About Me” talks about freedom from limitations. The captivating track came paired with an illustrative music video.

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U.M.A.N – “Bonfire”

Working with producer Billy Farrell, Irish singer-songwriter Brian Flanagan (known professionally as U.M.A.N) created his latest track, “Bonfire”. The inspiration for this beautiful song came to him after a memorable day spent in the warm company of his young son. Speaking about this release, U.M.A.N noted, “It’s through non-verbal cues, we build our strongest connections as humans. Right there in the warm glow we didn’t have to say a word, we close our eyes and dare to dream.”

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Salt Ashes – “Lucy”

“Lucy” is a new electro pop track by London-based UK artist Salt Ashes. The single is taken from her forthcoming album, Killing My Mind (expected to arrive on November 5 via Radikal Records). With “Lucy”, the singer is tackling the objectification of women. “‘Lucy’ represents every woman who has ever been objectified, commodified or had their consent diminished,” explains Salt Ashes. “I knew it would be a difficult subject to tackle, especially with the Sarah Everard case being so raw right now for everyone but behaviours need to change and change starts with a conversation… So we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it.”

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D.B. Ricapito – “Bottom of the Blue”

22-year-old crooner D.B. Ricapito has shared a new single named “Bottom of the Blue”. It is a moody indie-pop song that describes the pain that follows a breakup. The track’s acoustic backdrop allows D.B. more space to captivate us with his wonderful vocals. Out via Siri Music Group, “Bottom Of The Blue” marks the beginning of a new musical phase for the talented singer-songwriter.

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