Pop music roundup: 10 new songs you need to add to your playlist(s)

Aipate‘s latest roundup of pop music is here. We’ve picked ten of the best new songs and videos by artists across the globe.

Elodie Gervaise – “IMYG”

French-Australian artist Elodie Gervaise has unveiled a hypnotic electro pop jam, “IMYG”. This is the first single from her planned 4-track EP, Syzygy. “IMYG” is a sexy tune blending pulsating beats and ringing synths, with the Paris-based singer-songwriter’s enticing vocals and inviting lyrics ensuring the listener fully engrossed. The song comes paired with a surreal video directed by Lesly Lynch. Expected on October 15, Syzygy is the result of Elodie going solo (after a brief stint with her band) and is a collaboration with producer Maria Korkeila.

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HXRT – “Flip Flop”

Released on September 8, “Flip Flop” is only the second release from HXRT. The successful American producer and songwriter made his solo debut a couple of months ago with the 5-track, Wasted Youth EP. “Flip Flop” finds HXRT telling a story about his relationship with an unpredictable partner. Still, the track has a summer feel that’s just irresistible.

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Cinta Laura Kiehl – “Markisa”

Cinta Laura Kiehl is one of the top actresses in Indonesia. She’s also emerging as a pop star, and is currently signed to Sony Music. Her latest single is an alluringly flirty and invigorating track called “Markisa”. The track was produced by Eka Gustiwana and laced with an enchanting traditional instrumentation crafted by Ganzer Lana. “Markisa” (whose title means ‘passion fruit’) came accompanied with a cinematic visual directed by Bramsky.

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Imanbek x LP – “Fighter”

Grammy-winning Kazakhstani DJ and producer Imanbek joined forces with acclaimed singer-songwriter LP for their first ever collaboration. The song that came out of that process is called “Fighter”, an emotion-filled and healing anthem that finds the singer looking back on a failed relationship. Musically, it ties together LP’s pop-rock world with Imanbek’s EDM soundscapes. “Fighter” is so good.

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Talltale x Father Bobby Townsend x Laur Elle – “Swimming Pools at Night”

“Swimming Pools at Night” is the latest offering from singer Talltale. It is a collaboration with fellow Canadians Laur Elle (singer) and Father Bobby Townsend (producer). The nostalgic synthpop song delves into the small yet significant moments that characterize youth. Describing how it came about, Talltale recalls, “The song was written in 2019 in Father Bobby Townsend’s basement studio on a rainy day. He began playing the synth line from the intro on a Juno, and I was immediately reminded of an old favourite synth patch. Incorrectly, I remembered being named ‘Swimming Pools at Night’. Laur Elle and I thought this would be a great name for a song and within three hours, ‘Swimming Pools at Night’ had been written and recorded“.

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Luis Ake – “Liebe”

German synth pop specialist Luis Ake released his sophomore album last weekend. Titled Liebe, it is a groundbreaking project in many aspects. Not only does it see the producer and artist continuing in his genre-defying creativity, it also takes him deeper lyrically, as he seeks an understanding about love. The title-track “Liebe” is an exquisite piece and was released earlier with a beautiful video next to it.

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M.anifest – “La Vida”

Ghanaian superstar M.anifest‘s upcoming album Madina To The Universe is around the corner. It’s previously been promoted by singles such as “Confusion” and “We dey manage”. Out now is the latest installment which was named “La Vida”. This celebratory song arrived alongside a relaxing music video. “La Vida” was produced by Øbed.

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Rosa Linn x Kiiara – “KING”

The song “KING” introduces 21-year-old Armenian singer-songwriter and producer Rosa Linn to the world. It’s the perfect debut, with the young artist teaming up with US pop star Kiiara. “KING” is an elegant pop piece with meaningful lyrics. Speaking about it, Linn stated: “I want my music to have a message and as soon as I wrote ‘KING’, I knew it had to be my first release. It addresses the political undertones between Russia and America and I’m thankful to have Kiiara share her / the American perspective of what fame is like.”

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Naomi Lareine – “Piña Colada”

Naomi Lareine is a Swiss artist hailing from the city of Zurich. Her R&B-inflected voice has endeared her to many listeners, both new and returning. With her newest single “Piña Colada”, Naomi delivered a sweet and dreamy bop. Simply put, “Piña Colada” is a Caribbean-flavoured dance/pop tune that transports you to the sandy beaches.

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Mark Ambor – “The Long Away”

New York-based Mark Ambor is an emerging pop sensation that you need to start keeping tabs on. A little over a week ago, the artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer released his third single, “The Long Way”. This is a catchy pop ballad that highlights both his strong vocals and thoughtful songwriting. About this one, Mark says: “Everything that’s truly good takes time. Whether it’s building a relationship or reaching a goal, working hard and spending time on what you want is important. Passion and a foundation for what you want grows, and the people around you start to believe in it. ‘The Long Way’ is the time we spend not taking shortcuts, but reaching for what we want and doing everything we can to get there.”

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