New Release Friday: songs out on November 12th

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Another weekly installment of New Release Friday is here. Check out the whole playlist on Spotify and read about eight of the songs below.

Rhys – “Cry over me””

Swedish-American singer Rhys has shared her third single of the year. Named “Cry over me”, it follows “Over You” and ”Thanks a lot now I can’t smile”. These three tracks are taken from an upcoming EP that Rhys is currently working on. “Cry over me” is a vivacious and anthemic pop rock song. About it, the artist says, “I’d love to be the bigger person all the time, but I’m not. I’m quite petty. This is my guilty pleasure petty break up song. Basically, I really hope you realize that I was the best and dive in to some deep life crisis over the loss of me and that you will cry over me.”

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VAVO – “Highs & Lows”

Canadian electronic duo VAVO have been very active in 2021 and they’re closing the year on a high note. The dance music outfit has just revealed a new single called “Highs & Lows” (via KESS Records). It is an energetic slap house anthem with melodic male vocals. “Highs & Lows” is an uplifting piece, with the message being that of ‘picking yourself up’.

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DYLYN – “Hurt”

Canada-based alt-rock princess DYLYN is back with a new single, “Hurt”. The song is lifted from her upcoming album which is scheduled for a 2022 release (via Nettwerk Records). Produced by Ryan Guldemond, “Hurt” finds DYLYN (also known as Gwendolyn Lewis) channeling pain to create a song so relatable. “It touches on subjects that people are a little uncomfortable with like social anxiety, sexual anxiety, and depression,” she explains. “We translate rougher experiences into who we are. The lyrics ask, ‘Who hurt you, babe?’ It exposes the darker parts of ourselves. In the darkest times of my life, I’ve learned the most.”

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Honest Men – “Stuck!”

“Stuck!” is a brilliant indie rock song by Austin, Texas-based trio Honest Men. The track arrived today, November 12, with the band’s new album, Field of Vision. The LP carries 12 great songs. Speaking about the album, Honest Men noted that “a lot of life has happened between our first record and Field of Vision. These are the songs that came out of us during that time. Our music and songwriting became less of a celebration of what CAN we do and say and more of an introspective look into what SHOULD we do and say. We think fans will connect with these songs in a new and profound way but above all, these songs are for us. They’re us processing love gained, love lost, beliefs redefined, the all-consuming feelings of solitude, and everything in between. Life happens! But we’re only in control of what’s in our immediate field of vision. Here’s to making the most of it.

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POLUN x LU KALA – “Today”

Toronto-based songwriter and producer POLUN teamed up with Canadian pop sensation LU KALA for his brand new single, “Today”. The song’s arrival takes us a step closer towards the release of POLUN’s debut EP, Trillium. “Today” is a vulnerable piece about a relationship that is losing its spark. POLUN remarks, “Love blinds us all and we wrote this tune to remind everyone that it’s OK to forget the world and give into your emotions.”

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Ryan Riback x Dotter – “(Just Can’t) Hate U”

Australian musician Ryan Riback is back with a new single, “(Just Can’t) Hate U”. In making it, the DJ/producer enlisted the vocal services of Swedish singer and songwriter Dotter. “(Just Can’t) Hate U” is a sweet, melodic EDM/pop track imbued with an alluring tropical vibe. The song is about the difficulty of letting go of a relationship.

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Darla Jade – “Stories On The TV”

UK singer-songwriter Darla Jade unveiled her debut EP, Disconnect, a couple of months ago. Now, she is back with a new single christened “Stories On The TV”. This is a uniquely flavoured pop number. Lyrically, it is a reminder that relationships are not a bed of roses. Jade shared this about the creation process: “This was a track that I wrote at the beginning of the year in lockdown. Myself, Imad Salhi & Charlie Oriain got together over zoom and the idea came together quickly. This track feels like the end of an era from my last EP and transitions nicely into next year’s releases. It’s certainly going to be a fun one to play live!

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Victoria Anthony – “Bad For Me”

“Bad For Me” is the just released new single from Canadian teenage pop star Victoria Anthony. The track arrived with a gripping visual that Victoria co-directed with Anna Baker. “Bad For Me” is quite an emotionally engaging piece. “Writing ‘Bad for Me’ was a whirlwind and a very different experience from other songs I’ve written,” says Victoria. “I approach songwriting in many ways, but this song was like a tidal wave of thoughts and emotions that I just put out there shamelessly. The chorus is a flow of my thoughts at the time I was falling for the person I was writing about”.

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