New Release Friday: new songs out on January 28th

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Emily James, Krafty Kuts, Ronna Riva and Renee Rose are some of the artists whose tracks have been included in this week’s New Release Friday playlist. Below are scribbled notes about ten of these songs and videos. Read/listen/watch:

Emily James – “Brooklyn”

LA-based singer-songwriter Emily James has joined Nettwerk Records. Her first release on the label is the single, “Brooklyn”. This is a passionate song exhibiting her intimate and soulful sound. “Brooklyn” was released with a lovely video bringing out the song’s yearnful vibe. “It was a time I kept looking back on while in lockdown in LA,” Emily says. “The song is about dreaming of being in another place and falling in love at first sight.”

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Juliander – “If I Can’t Have You”

“If I Can’t Have You” is the latest release from Swedish artist Juliander. It’s an emotional yet upbeat electro pop song. On it, Juliander exudes the romantic ideal that if you can’t spend the rest of your life with that one special person, it’s better to be alone. The singer had initially created this song for a DJ but later changed his mind. He explains, “I felt that it had something special so I was a bit hesitant to give it away, so I must admit I decided to keep it for myself. I more or less completed it in 30 minutes that same day. I’d never been that excited over a song before and it felt huge.”

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Krafty Kuts x Liinks – “Get Away”

Finally, UK producer Krafty Kuts delivers his new EP, Remedy (out via Westwood Recordings). We’d been given a taste of the project late last year when Kuts shared the Dynamite MC-assisted title-track, “Remedy“. The 6-track EP arrives with a new single, “Get Away”. The track features the exciting duo, Liinks. Other artists featured on Remedy include PAV4N and MC Spyda. Listen to the entire EP on Spotify.

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West Coast Massive x Anna Pancaldi – “Tangerine Skies”

West Coast Massive is the moniker used by Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Steven Girardi. The creative returns with “Tangerine Skies”, an emotion-filled tropical house jam. This is a collaboration with singer Anna Pancaldi. “Anna and I wrote ‘Tangerine Skies’ in February 2021. It was a couple of weeks after the worst break up of my life, and we wrote an honest song about how I was feeling. It took me a couple of months to figure out the production and arrangement, but when I did I knew we had something special to show the world,” notes West Coast Massive.

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Ronna Riva – “True Love”

Romanian songstress Ronna Riva returns to our stereos with another lovely song. This one is passionately titled “True Love”. A collaboration with Adrian Eduard Radu & The Zady, the fervent pop-dance track features Riva’s signature sultry vocals. Listening to the song, you get a feel of her current emotional status. Also, the track will have you dancing along.

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Nova May – “Hate You”

Nova May already belongs in a class of hotly-tipped newcomers. Now, the UK singer-songwriter kick-starts 2022 with a new song called “Hate You”. This is May’s second solo single, with the pop singer having lent her vocals to tracks such as Tom Ferry and Marcus Mollyhus’ EDM anthem, “Come Closer“. With this new song, the young artist penned a piece that derides those ‘girls in her school’ who didn’t believe in her. She says, “I wrote this song just after seeing a toxic ex-friend pop up on my social media for the first time in a while. When I saw this I wondered how they would treat me now that i’m more confident and doing well. Daydreaming, I imagined a scenario where one girl in particular would try to befriend me again and in return I would just dismiss them.”

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LVRBOY – “sick of me”

LVRBOY reveals a new single, “sick of me”. The upbeat pop-rock anthem describes his friends’ reaction to him giving his ex second-chances. LVRBOY’s vulnerable lyrics are a refreshing contrast to the track’s heavy guitars. Altogether, “sick of me” feels both exuberant and melodic. It is another release showcasing the singer as an emerging star.

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Caroline Romano – “Panic Attack”

Nashville-based alt-pop act Caroline Romano has unveiled her latest song, “Panic Attack.” Alongside the release comes the announcement of Caroline’s full-length debut, Oddities and Prodigies. The upcoming LP is set to drop on February 25. Revealing the inspiration behind her newest offering, Romano divulged: “I wrote ‘Panic Attack’ in a parked car after one of the worst panic attacks I’ve ever experienced. I had just gotten off the phone with my mom, frantic because I didn’t know what to do or how to help myself. The only thing I knew to do was to write it all down. It’s still not something I can fully put into words, but writing this song helped pull me out of my own head…

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Morgan Houston – “Shower Talk”

“Shower Talk” is the just-released new track by Morgan Houston, an Australian indie-pop singer hailing from Sydney. The fun, upbeat electro pop song is all about self-empowerment. “I wanted to write a pop song that had an addictive and powerful energy, one where you can sit on your bedroom floor nursing a broken heart whilst still feeling like a bad bitch. This song came from a realisation that most of the things that people say to each other in intimate situations or relationships should be taken with a huge grain of salt,” Morgan remarks. Listening to the track, you’ll feel captivated by the delicious melodies and refreshing lyrics.

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Renee Rose – “Waiting For Your Love”

Dutch singer Renee Rose is surely one to watch. The artist has shared a mesmerizing new song called “Waiting For You Love”. The slow-building pop/house track was released in the company of a stunning black-and-white visual. With a production that takes a minimalistic approach, “Waiting For Your Love” feels intimate and ambient. It’s consistent with Renee’s credo: “With my music I hope to touch, move and inspire people the way that I was and still am by others. Music keeps us moving.”

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