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This week’s New Release Friday playlist update is here. Below are notes about some of the songs.

Chuuwee x Money Montage – “Sincerely”

Fast-rising Sacramento artist Chuuwee and producer Money Montage has been collaborating for quite a while. Now, they’re gearing up to unveil their first joint album, No More Rappers. With the project dropping on August 6th, they’ve just unveiled the first single, “Sincerely”. It’s a melodic trap/hip hop track that reminds of the lyrical beast that Chuuwee is. This song arrives with a great visual accompaniment.

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RIIVA – “Pity Party”

Berlin-based newcomer RIIVA has released a new single while she readies her upcoming EP that is expected later in September. The R&B-pop song is named “Pity Party” and sees her flip common notions about relationships. The video offers a playful illustration of her unapologetic lyrics. RIIVA released her debut EP, Bold Femininity, in 2020.

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Drew Banga x DCMBR x Iamsu! – “Get Rich”

East Oakland hip hop producer Drew Banga enlisted fellow Bay Area artists DCMBR and Iamsu! for this new hustle anthem, “Get Rich”. The track is billed as Drew’s first solo single and its release means his upcoming album is imminent. On “Get Rich”, the US artists articulate the reasons why it’s only money on their minds. All that is delivered over a bouncy beat, ensuring the song has a fun, infectious vibe.

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David Alexander – “Sore Loser”

Emerging pop artist David Alexander returns with a new single. Named “Sore Loser”, it’s a vulnerable and rueful piece that finds him trying to come to terms with a huge loss. “I wrote ‘Sore Loser’ last November after getting into a big fight with my girlfriend at the time. I was incredibly frustrated that I had lost hold of one of the healthiest relationships I had ever had, and knew that if we broke up over something stupid, I would never be able to forgive myself, thus the line… ‘I’m not a sore loser, but I’ll never get used to losing you’

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Patrik Kabongo – “98 Degrees”

Toronto hip hop artist Patrik Kabongo has unveiled a new 8-track project. Titled High End Pack, it’s led by the energetic track “98 Degrees”. This uniquely crafted summer anthem is characterized by a knocking bass — and the artist’s unique delivery style. Patriks says, “I wanted to create a high tempo song for the summer. Something that would have the blended energy of heavy trap bass and Lil Mama’s ‘Lip Gloss’.

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Maia Onda – “Coffee”

After wowing listeners with her debut single “Dead Plants“, Austrian singer-songwriter and model Maia Onda is back with her second. This song is called “Coffee” and was written and produced by Maia. She accompanied it with another another eye-catching visual which was directed by Johann Steinegger. “Coffee” describes that awkward situation when lovers no longer have anything to say to each other. The release displays the artist’s captivating aesthetic, both musically and visually.

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Tom Ferry x Marcus Mollyhus x Nova May – “Come Closer”

UK dance music producer Tom Ferry has shared a new single, “Come Closer”, via the label ChillYourMind. The romance-hinged song is a collaboration with EDM artist Marcus Mollyhus and vocalist Nova May. Prior to this release, Ferry had released the single “Underwater” with EVALINA. Back to “Come Closer”, it’s an uplifting house tune with energetic synths and stirring vocals and lyrics.

<<Find Tom Ferry, Marcus Mollyhus and Nova May on Instagram>>

Mothé – “Summer’s Almost Gone”

Rising alt-pop artist Spencer Fort, also known as Mothé, has a released an EP named Summer’s Almost Gone. Four tracks long, it is a brilliant body of work. The title-track “Summer’s Almost Gone” is a chill, nostalgia-inducing indie-pop/rock song that radiates with captivating melodies. It came paired with a colourful video directed by Derek Rathbun.

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Michael Barrow & the Tourists – “Y.O.U.”

American indie-rock band Michael Barrow & the Tourists have just dropped a new album. Titled Clover and carrying 11 amazing tracks, it’s is their second full-length release. “This record is the product of three years of emotional turmoil,” frontman Michael Barrow comments. “How’s that for dramatic? 2018-2020 brought me more happiness and excitement – as well as more loss and uncertainty – than I’d ever experienced previously.” Listening to the album, you get a sense of both of these extremes, in form of an unfolding story.

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Snotty Nose Rez Kids – “Uncle Rico”

Canadian rap duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids can’t hide their excitement at the thought of performing live again. That energy is captured in their newest single, “Uncle Rico”. The song has been released with a party-loving music video directed by Sterling Larose. “Uncle Rico” gets its title from the character in the movie, Napoleon Dynamite.

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Bluestaeb x Louis VI – “THE ROSES”

German hip hop producer Bluestaeb has just unveiled his GISEKE album via Jakarta Records. Preceded by singles like the Uno Hype and Jerome Thomas-assisted “TTWL“, the project is 14 tracks of utter bliss. Arriving with GISEKE is “THE ROSES”, a funky tune that features UK artist Louis VI. It’s characterized by captivating instrumentation, smooth, soulful vocals and solid rap verses.

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Zach Zoya – “Understand”

Montréal rapper Zach Zoya has shared a buoyant summer track called “Understand”. The emerging Canadian artist describes this pop-infused, vibey song as a “nostalgic daydream”. “The excitement of never knowing where you’re going next or what’s going to happen, who you’re going to meet or what you’re going to experience – that chaotic pace can make you feel so alive,” Zoya says. “But that lack of stability can also create a very unhealthy environment. You tend to rely on that one person in your life to carry the burden of this hectic lifestyle and they don’t always get the best of you.

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La Felix x Rynjae – “My Kinda Love”

Auckland, New Zealand artist La Felix did team up with singer Rynjae for his latest single, “My Kinda Love”. It’s a smooth funk-pop cut with jazz influences. “My Kinda Love” encapsulates the early stages of falling for someone. The sweet lyrics, honeyed vocals and groovy instrumentation make the song just so irresistible.

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Allison Leah – “what i’m missing”

“what i’m missing” is the newest song by Nashville-based folk-pop artist Allison Leah. It’s also the first single from her forthcoming EP. “what i’m missing” is a gladsome and nostalgic piece that the singer-songwriter wrote about “feeling distant over the past year”. The intimate piece is delivered within an upbeat, rhythmic pop track that will surely get you dancing.

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Shea Michael – “Unravel”

Shea Michael is a singer, songwriter and mixing engineer from Vancouver, Canada. Making music that combines elements of pop, R&B and rap, he keeps them catchy and addictive. The artist’s latest release is this genre-blending pop tune, “Unravel”. Speaking about the song, Shea notes: “I intentionally wrote the lyrics in a way that can be interpreted as a relationship with undertones of a psychedelic trip.

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Listen to more songs on our New Release Friday series here.


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