Rivals return with new song & video, “Dark Matter”

On April 5, pop/rock outfit Rivals began their Dark Matter tour. That same day, their latest single — also titled “Dark Matter” — dropped. The John Espy-produced track came paired with an enthralling video filmed by Christian Lawrence.

“Black Matter” signifies a new chapter for the band. Lyrically, it was inspired by singer Kalie Wolfe’s perseverance as an independent, female artist, embracing her powerful femme energy every time she falls, to only get back up stronger.

She explains, “We’re independent now, no label, no backing, just us and some bitchen ladies to push us through (our booking agent Ashely Ventura and our PR rep Steph Maksimow). ‘Dark Matter’ is our restart, our refresh of us and who we are…it’s a song I wrote about just being a complete badass against all odds, a song about slipping but recovering. Also, a little nod at our bae Ariana Grande, if god is a woman, well then so is the devil <3.

For the remaining dates on the Dark Matter tour, check out Rivals’ Instagram page. .


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