Listen to Callen’s debut album, Ghost Reflections

“Fooling Myself” is one of the tracks on US singer-songwriter and producer Callen‘s debut album, Ghost Reflections. The Nashville-based musician says he wrote this pop/rock song about the ironic pinnacle of introspective burnout.

Speaking about this independently released album, Callen remarked: ”Ghost Reflections are known as an optical issue that is generally caused by internal light reflections within a camera and lens but only occurs under specific conditions. Ghost reflections are the common theme across this whole album because of the cyclical themes that have carried me through life;
self-deprecation, coping, introspection, growth, retrospect, self-love, self-improvement, burn-out, Repetition. The songs are in order from my early days to now. In short, it’s a retrospective comment on all the times I thought I hit rock bottom, and my eyes opened up a little differently

The LP is 14 tracks in length. It includes songs such as “The Real Me”, “What Could I Do” and the title-track. Listen to the whole album and connect with Callen on Instagram.


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