Pop music roundup: 8 new songs to listen to

The latest pop music roundup is here. We’ve picked eight songs you’ll surely love. AMWIN, Lostbycrow and Beeson are some of the artists featured.

AMWIN x Simon Superti – “Long Gone”

Stockholm-based singer AMWIN (also known as Amanda Winberg) returned last Friday with the song “Long Gone”. A blend of different sounds, the infectious track was produced by Grammy winner Simon Superti. Listening to it, you get to marvel at AMWIN’s irresistible vocals. The music video is equally alluring. AMWIN comments about the track, “‘Long Gone’ is a danceable song that captures the naive hopefulness that arises when you’re newly in love. The feeling of invincibility, that meets a longing for something bigger and about wanting to encapsulate time, so that the future won’t take that feeling away from you. It was created in the autumn of 2019, together with my then boyfriend Simon Superti, so it really means a lot to me“.

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Ray Laurél – “Manic Pixie Dream Boy”

Ray Laurél is a British-Asian pop artist based out of London. The newcomer recently debuted with song “Hunter Schafer”, capturing the attention of many. He has since followed it with the single “Manic Pixie Dream Boy”. A song about an attraction to someone who’s not right for you, this one arrived paired with a nice visual which Ray directed and edited himself. “Manic Pixie Dream Boy” is filled with addictive melodies and sultry vocals.

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Lostboycrow – “Angelina”

“Angelina” is the latest song by indie-pop magician Lostboycrow. The hazy, melody-filled track was released in the company of a visual directed by Nicole Lipp. More recently, Lostboycrow released the song “Chewed Up”. Speaking about the music video he said: “The sea was angry that day. And by sea I mean the gargantuan gusts of wind that destroyed a substantial amount of our balloons and left me no choice but to put on a red beanie I found in the back of my trunk which happened to match our color pallet perfectly. It also resulted in us having to find a new location on the day (no small feat). The crew more than rose to the occasion, finding a perfect Santa Clarita meadow where the majority of the video takes place. We laughed, we danced, friendships were strengthened, and new ones began. I don’t think you could find a better day in my book.

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Tishmal – “You Got So High”

On My Way Up” singer Tishmal is back with another pop gem. The new song is called “You Got So High”. I love the fresh production and, of course, the artist’s vocals. The song is also quite captivating lyrically. Tishmal explains, “I wrote the song in a very nostalgic mood, thinking back on my teenage years and secret crushes. There is a dreamy element of wonder weaved through the melodies and production, I didn’t want the song to feel too heavy. The lyrics talk about the drugs and skater influences I grew up around, but the real theme is the grief of losing a friend or secret love- the way those feelings stay with us over the years.

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AJ Smith – “Better”

Pop music artist and performer AJ Smith‘s new song “Better” is simply sterling. Equally exceptional is the cinematic music video that it came paired with. The video was inspired by the classic movie, Fight Club. Altogether, “Better” is about not taking yourself too seriously and always remaining humble, especially toward people you love.

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Graham Lake – “Out Of Love”

Only on his third single, Swedish singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Graham Lake is already an artist to watch. The Stockholm native’s latest song “Out Of Love” was released last Friday. It follows his singles “FOCUS” and “Run em Down”. Lake paired the new song with a brilliant video directed by Nathan Österlund.

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India Thieriot – “She’s Right”

Pop singer India Thieriot‘s new single “She’s Right” stemmed from the realization that she needed a lifestyle change. With honest and personal lyrics, she lets us into her life and decisions. “‘She’s Right’ is about a moment when my mom called me out for being sort of out of control and spiraling on nights out. I wanted to capture the sentiment of finally admitting to myself that what she said was true, after having tried to deny it for a long time,” Thieriot reveals. Her powerful delivery matches her sentiments.

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Beeson – “Pink Light”

Hailing from Utah, Jane Beeson (a.k.a Beeson) is a 21-year-old who is both a gifted singer and a great songwriter. Her first single “syrup” was well received. Now, she delivers her second one, “Pink Light”. The melancholic song talks about the loss of a relationship. Besson’s vocals and melodies got me obsessed, the vulnerability and all.

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