Neon Dreams reveal “It’s All Good” music video

Alt-pop duo Neon Dreams‘ upcoming album is taking shape.

The second single “ITS ALL GOOD” arrived a couple of weeks ago accompanied by a colorful visual. It follows “Little Dance“, another song also made in South Africa together with songwriters Majozi and Dolf Willemse.

“ITS ALL GOOD” is melodious, fun and euphoric. Musically, it sounds more electronic.

It’s a sunshine song. Music for the soul. It started from a poem I wrote. ‘Whatever pain may come… there’s still love to be won… let’s not forget the way it feels’. A pursuit of love and change is a pursuit of happiness. pain is worth fighting through to reach a better you, to reach someone or something you love. This song is for awkward introverted people like me who want to get out of their comfort zone and out of their heads and be a little more present,” singer Frank Kadillac comments.

Keep up with Neon Dreams on Instagram.


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