Pop music roundup: 10 songs to listen to right now

Here are ten fresh, new pop songs, including releases from sunsetto, Sophia Bavishi and TACEY.

sunsetto – “too fast”

Toronto-based Canadian artist/producer sunsetto released, as his latest single, a buoyant pop track called “too fast”. He paired it with a thrillsome visual. A super catchy tune, “too fast” is about the power of attraction. “‘Too Fast’ was inspired by the feeling of entering a new relationship and not wanting to take things slow because the vibe is so good. I wrote the song with no music, I was just hitting my chest on a voice memo and Lenno (producer) built the track around that,” sunsetto explains. He did turn to his frequent collaborators Griffin O’Toole and moosecanfly who directed the video.

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RIELL – “Burn Our Bridges Down”

With her newest single, Canadian pop artist and songwriter RIELL created a haunting dark-pop piece. The song is called “Burn Our Bridges Down” and is about wanting to burn everything to the ground to start over again. Lyrically, it reveals RIELL’s obsession with hardship and self-exploration. The track’s production combines hard-hitting electronic beats and riveting synths. On top of that, the singer’s delivery is overwhelmingly beautiful. RIELL is working on her debut album which is scheduled to be released next year.

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Jack Kane – “Underdog”

Jack Kane is an indie-pop newcomer based out of London, England. Earlier this year, he unveiled his debut EP titled Under Your Spell. The vocally gifted singer is already on his next project, with the first single now out. He named this song “Underdog”. The song is hooky and soaring. About it, Kane says, “Sometimes you just have an absolute stinker of a day where it feels like the world is actively using your misery as a punch line. I have a friend who had just had one of these days, and I took that concept into a session with the production genius that is Mack Jamison, and out came ‘Underdog’. We decided on chords and a riff quickly, and within about two hours Mack had crafted the track and I had written the lyrics. Ironically it was one of those days where everything just goes right. ‘Underdog’ is about keeping your chin up in tough times and holding onto that fighting spirit we’re all born with.

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Sophia Bavishi – “Fragile Heart”

Burgeoning singer-songwriter Sophia Bavishi is a talent worth keeping tabs on. Her sixth (and newest) single “Fragile Heart” is so good. For the first-time listener, the energetic pop track could be the perfect introduction to her creative world. It’s a well crafted electro pop song written from a point of empowerment. “I’ve written several songs about relationships ending, and the heartbreak that goes along with it. But for this newest song of mine, Fragile Heart, I spun that helpless ‘I’m so sad because they broke up with me’ feeling to a place of strength and confidence and told it from the heartbreaker’s perspective. It is a vicious and hard hitting song that emits passion and anger. The build up in the song is showing the tension in a relationship that was always meant to end. “Fragile Heart” is all about mystery, power, and angst, a perfect song for when you feel like you’re in Villain Mode. Hope you have as much fun listening to this one as I did making it!” Bavishi explains.

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Maluma x The Rudeboyz x Adam Levine – “Ojalá”

“Ojalá” is an international collaboration bringing together Colombian superstar Maluma, US pop mainstay Adam Levine and Colombian production outfit The Rudeboyz. The song was released alongside a stunning music video. It is a Latin-pop track infused with irresistible pop melodies. Sonically, this song takes both Maluma and Levine out of their comfort zones, with the latter even singing in Spanish.

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Madisyn Gifford – “Hospital Beds”

Out on 604 Records is the song “Hospital Beds” by Vancouver singer Madisyn Gifford. The follow-up to the song “21”, it was released with a eye-catching video directed and edited by Lindsey Blane. “Hospital Beds” is enjoyably upbeat. Gifford notes, “The song ‘Hospital Beds’ is a really interesting one for me and also a song that I’m insanely proud of. I originally wrote it in October of 2021 as a slow melancholy acoustic song and it wasn’t until August 2022 that my producer and co-writer Jared Manierka and I decided to take a completely different approach and turn it into the tongue and cheek alternative pop song it is today. Essentially throughout the track I am making fun off and calling myself out for my own victim complex and tendency to self sabotage my own relationships. Although I think the song is really funny and fun lyrically I also think it manages to be very vulnerable and honest at the same time which is something that I am very proud of. I’m so excited about this track and for it to finally be out in the world!

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Alexander 23 x Kenny Beats – “ill”

Emerging singer-songwriter Alexander 23 recently joined forces with producer Kenny Beats. The collaboration turned out to be a match made in heaven since the result is so beautiful. Called “ill”, it brims with addictive melodies which make it simply unputdownable. The alt-pop track is the first single since Alexander released his debut album, Aftershock.

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SHAB – “Sexual (Li Da Di)”

Iranian/American pop singer SHAB‘s latest single is called “Sexual (Li Da Di)”. It’s a sultry, exuberant dance-pop banger which the artist has since accompanied with an alluring video directed by Éli Sokhn. So good it is, the single has just received five official remixes. “Sexual (Li Da Di)” was originally produced by Damon Sharpe and Eric Sanicola.

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Freddie Future – “It Was You”

Canadian artist Freddie Future is gearing up towards the release of a new 6-song EP which will arrive before the year ends. Recently, he shared the song “It Was You”. Sonically, this 80s-inspired synthwave track offers us a state of what to expect on the upcoming EP. “It was You” has now been accompanied by a retro-future style 3D animated visual created by Alex Gayoso. The song is out via Physical Presents.

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TACEY – “Otra Notificación”

TACEY is an Argentine-American singer, dancer and performer who recently released her second single, “Otra Notificación”. The flavourful disco-pop tune was accompanied a couple of weeks later (on 11th November) by a fun-loving music video. Like on her first single “Conmigo”, TACEY sings in Spanish. About “Otra Notificación”, the singer said: “Following on from my debut single ‘Conmigo’, which did amazing, here’s this super fun and catchy song that embraces the disco vibe of always but with an urban twist. It tells the story of a girl who keeps getting phone notifications from someone she’s not interested in. It’s a powerful, energetic and a relatable song to so many. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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