joan are back with new single “loner” ahead of upcoming album and tour

Photo Finish Records presents the most recent single from alt-pop duo joan. This song is called “loner” and it follows their January 2023 single, “nervous“.

Just like the previous offering, it’s filled with upbeat instrumentation. Still, this one feels a little moodier.

The band notes, “You know when you go to a party or really anything with crowds, and you have that sort of pit in your stomach because you don’t feel like you belong and you really just don’t to be there? That’s what ‘loner’ is about — being in those situations and knowing you’re better off just sticking to your own corner and keeping to yourself. But, it’s also about someone walking into that party that sees you and gets you and feels the same way you do and you’re thinking, ‘i’d rather be alone, you’d rather be alone, should we alone together?’ and all the sudden the thought of being with someone doesn’t seem so bad.

joan will be releasing their superglue album on 19th April. A couple of weeks later, they embark on a US tour (starting on May 13 with a show at Atlanta’s The Masquerade).

Keep up with joan on Instagram.


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