Stream joan’s debut album, superglue

Having released amazing EPs including portra and cloudy, alt-pop duo joan (Steven and Alan) finally unveiled their full-length debut. The album is titled superglue; it arrived on 21st April via Photo Finish Records.

superglue was accompanied by the music video for the title track, a heartwarming pop-rock tune inspired by fatherhood. The song, and by extension the whole album, is personal and honest.

As new dads, we were like, ‘What if we wrote this about our girls?’,” Alan reveals. “We want them to know we’re superglue for them. We’re the guys you can run to when you’re sad or you want to rejoice because something happy happened at school. If you’re not a parent, it can be about someone you really care about. We’re singing it to our little girls though.”

Steven adds: “We naturally felt comfortable in the world of love songs. This time, we were like, ‘Let’s get more personal’. We both had babies in the past year. We’ve grown more than we have in a long time. It’s so cool watching your baby crawl for the first time and see the world. It organically informed the writing. The whole body of work is so personal—like we’re giving a piece of ourselves to listeners. It’s by far the most special thing we’ve done.

Get to stream the whole album and follow joan on Instagram.

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