Watch Dakota Jones’ video for the sultry “Misbehave Me”

New York soul outfit Dakota Jones added a new song to their growing catalog.

Calling it “Misbehave Me”, the Tristan Carter-Jones led band created an alluringly sexy and sultry tune.

The funky tune was released in the company of a fun retro-themed music video which you can see above.

In describing this song, Dakota Jones said: “You’ve just touched down on another planet far, far away, and you exit the ship – a stranger in a strange and glorious land. ‘Misbehave Me’ is the song that plays as the door glides open, and you begin this moment of self-discovery and exploration in a world beyond your wildest imagination.

Singer Tristan Carter-Jones added: “To me, this song is about that newfound feeling of true self-expression, and sexual freedom. We wanted the video to represent that feeling of sultry play, the true joy that you can only find within yourself.

While you enjoy “Misbehave Me”, check out Dakota Jones on Instagram or their official website.

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