Elora returns with second single, “Embers”

Paper Moon Records recently released the newest song from Elora. Named “Embers”, it’s a remarkably beautiful synth-pop tune.

Elora is essentially a newcomer, with “Embers” being her second single (the follow-up to her debut, “Gullible”).

Featuring a stunning vocal performance and dreamy synth melodies, this song is affectingly moody. The singer sings about the end of a friendship.

Elora explains, “As hurt as I was by what happened, it wasn’t easy for me to move on. I found myself deeply missing someone I knew had been a bad friend. Around this time I also became obsessed with two-chord pop songs and riffs that would get stuck in your head and make you want to move. This is the first time I was able to write something like that and I was introduced to a part of myself I had never met. After that, every song was in search of that same feeling. I started writing to let go of all the things I was holding on to.

As you listen to “Embers”, connect with Elora on Instagram.


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