“Back To The Source” Hip Hop meet-up is set for this Weekend in Uganda



Back To The Source, a movement founded by Babaluku of Bavubuka Dynasty,  is happening in Kampala and Jinja towns in Uganda from 17th to 20th December and the “Evolution of the Revolution” will be witnessed. Kenyan Hip Hop artist Hustlajay is attending.

Back to the Source is an Indigenous Hip Hop Leadership Retreat designed to explore the transformative power found in reconnecting emerging hip hop communities to their indigenous spirit. In solidarity with indigenous people around the world we have embarked on this journey to reconnect the youth to ancestral wisdom, knowledge, language and land. In celebration of the spirit of Honorable Marcus Garvey’s message of “repatriation is a must” we have created Back To The Source based on the ideology that “reconnection is a must” for the legacy of our people to be restored. Back to the Source brings together leaders from communities throughout Uganda, Africa, Europe, North America and Australia. We bring elders, scholars and practitioners together to encourage liberating education for young indigenous leaders. The retreat is designed to hold space to share skills, wisdom, sustainable strategies and entrepreneurial visions. It is also a source of encouragement, spiritual connection and shared resources. Back to the Source transforms the lives and practices of all those who participate. They leave the retreat with a deeper understanding of self, service and the relationship between the two. Most often they develop a clearer vision of their purpose and their responsibility within their communities locally and globally. Minds and hearts are connected through an appreciation of each others stories, struggles and triumphs”

Below is a photo slideshow of photos already taken from the event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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