New Release Friday: songs out on May 28th

Another week means a fresh update on New Release Friday playlist. Stream the songs on Spotify and read about some of them below.

Jonathan Roy – “Walk out on Me”

Canada’s Jonathan Roy has released his new EP, My Lullaby. Each of the 7 songs making up this collection came from a place of self-reflection. Take, for example, the track “Walk out on Me”. It’s a heartfelt and soul-stirring pop piece about a relationship worth fighting for. Throughout the EP, the singer-songwriter’s vocals stand out. Other songs include “Lights of Los Angeles” and the previously released “Keeping Me Alive“.

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Sofi Gev – “Horrors in the Dark”

Built around a poignant melody and soft beats, “Horrors in the Dark” by Sofi Gev is such a heart-rending piece. The song, the American singer-songwriter says, was written after she’d lost an uncle to suicide. “His passing and the grief of all the people who loved him made me think about how we all have some kind of trauma inside of us that never fully heals. The kind of pain that is very difficult to even talk about,” Sofi remarks. The indie-pop artist wrote it with Chris Scharman and her producer Nate Pyfer, with Stuart Maxfield arranging the strings.

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GT_Ofice x Linney – “Tastes Like Summer”

EDM producer GT_Ofice has been joined by vocalist Linney on a brand new track. Aptly named “Tastes Like Summer”, the upbeat house/pop song ushers listeners to another season of endless fun and freedom. “Tastes Like Summer” is fun and flirtatious. Linney’s seductive lyrics and tantalizing vocals and GT_Ofice’s vibrant production are a perfect combination. This song has the hallmarks of an anthem.

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Sol.Luna x Savii – “Location”

For that party mood, here the song “Location” by up-and-coming Portland, Oregon artist Sol.Luna. It sees him finally collaborate with is childhood friend Savii. “Location” is a catchy rap tune with fresh pop melodies. Out on The Dream Team Records, it was accompanied by a fun visual shot by Collective Films.

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Joëlle Buyckx – “Just a Fool”

Aipate introduces the exciting debutante, Joëlle Buyckx. The Italian-American singer-songwriter’s first single is the groovy R&B jam, “Just a Fool”. With a production that infuses elements from past sounds, the track sounds so refreshing. The Rome-born, Miami-based artist comments, “‘Just a Fool’ is about love at first sight. One of those weird magical situations when something just mutually clicks. But them time passes, and it gets confusing, and you start wondering if you were just making it all up in your head, like a fool. You know?

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Anoraak x Sarah Maison – “Karma”

Marseilles-based DJ/producer and musician Anoraak has shared a new single, “Karma”. The track saw him team up with French singer Sarah Maison. Sonically, “Karma” melds 70s disco with elements of modern pop and EDM. Its release coincided with the announcement of Anoraak’s upcoming album, Karma (out June 18th via Endless Summer label). That project will be the follow-up to his 2020 EP, Gang.

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Limón Limón – “Still In The Dark”

Los Angeles-based duo Limón Limón are back with another indie-dance tune, “Still In The Dark”. The 80s inspired song is musically captivating. Lyrically, it describes the overwhelming emotions that characterizes the end of a relationship. The singer’s emotive lyrics and fervent vocals find warmth in the track’s beautiful melodies.

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Running Lights – “Dreamer”

The journey of pursuing a dream could be difficult and full of uncertainties but, for true dreamers, giving up is not an option. New York city trio Running Lights capture this mantra in their latest single “Dreamer”. Besides being relatable, the euphoric song is so inspiring. Musically, it’s catchy and addictive.

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Cuebrick x Patrick Moreno x Alessa – “Till We Meet Again”

“Till We Meet Again” is an energetic new progressive house banger by German EDM DJ/producer Cuebrick and Poland’s Patrick Moreno. The euphoric song carries mesmerizing vocals of Alessa. It is melodic and uplifting. Out via Maxximize Records and Spinnin Records, “Till We Meet Again” arrives in time for summer festivals.

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Rock Da Cat – “Come 2 Me”

House music producer Rock Da Cat has released a new jam, “Come 2 Me”. Only his third single, is arrives as the follow-up to the singles “Getting By” and “Better”. Like the previous two, this track carries vocals of American singer and songwriter, Jazelle Paris. “Come 2 Me” will keep you on your feet.

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Toya Delazy – “Resurrection”

London-based rapper and singer Toya Delazy has revealed an otherworldly video for her new single “Resurrection”. The bass-heavy track combines traditional African sounds with electronic dance elements and offers listeners a first taste of her upcoming EP, Afrorave Vol. 1 (due June 18). Co-produced Mxshi Mo, Ahadadream and Sam Interface, “Resurrection” finds Toya embracing her Zulu (ethnic South African) heritage. She explains, “The song is about reclaiming myself, my spirit and roots, and more generally in a post lockdown world, the global rebirth, AKA we’re all going to be party animals.”

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Michael Barrow & The Tourists – “Tell Me How To Get To You”

With an album in the offing, Michael Barrow & The Tourists have shared another song. Called “Tell Me How to Get to You”, it is the third single being taken from that upcoming full-length release. The second one was titled “6023” and released a couple of months ago. “This song is special to me for a lot of reasons,” says band frontman Michael Barrow. “It got me out of a year-long creative slump. It was the product of a lot of rewrites and collaboration with friends and other songwriters, and a lot of the textures we added and experimented with made for a really fun and memorable studio experience. It’s one of our more laid-back, positive tunes, and it was a joy to make.”

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Lydia Briggs – “Daylight”

17-year-old Lydia Briggs is not your average teenage singer-songwriter. With a laser-focused approach towards her craft, she is already releasing music through her own label, Gin House Records. The young artist has released a new song that showcases her enormous talent. Paired with a stunning visual, “Daylight” is a thought-provoking and melodic pop song penned about her personal experiences with a lack of empathy in dangerous situations. Lydia explains, “The song is essentially about bystander apathy. I didn’t know the meaning of the expression when I started writing the song. However, by the time I finished production, I happened upon an article and realized the importance to this piece. Why is it that bystanders sometimes fail to help when they see someone in danger?…

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Elina – “Love Come Around”

Since her 2018 debut, Swedish singer-songwriter Elina has wowed one release after another. This time, she shares “Love Come Around”, a song addressing mental health. The track was paired with a heart-gripping video. “Love Come Around” is her first release on her own record label. Speaking about the song, Elina notes: “Since the pandemic broke out, a lot of thoughts have come to me and it has felt more important than ever to stop our constant chasing and reflect on what is actually valuable to us as individuals. I wanted to dedicate something to all the people who get up in the morning and fight on, despite the injustices, difficulties, challenges and inner fights we have to face. I hope it can help someone feel a little less alone in this chaotic world.”

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Samie Bower x Tuti – “What We Gonna Do Now”

Los Angles artist Samie Bower has dropped a new single featuring singer-songwriter Tuti. Named “What We Gonna Do Now”, it’s an urban dance tune peppered with Latin-pop flavour. The melodic track was produced by Soundsbymoon and released on Escape Records. Although written about tension in a relationship, “What We Gonna Do Now” has a fun, laidback vibe.

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Kisch x Joell Fender – “Through The Phone”

UK producer Kisch returns to electronic label Perfect Havoc with a brand new track named “Through The Phone”. The piano-driven house record features Joell Fender on vocals. Kisch debuted on Perfect Havoc back in 2019 with the single, “Alone”. About this new release, he remarks: “I first came across Joell when I heard his feature with ELEVNS and knew straight away that I needed to get him into the studio. I realised pretty quickly how good he is in the session – the vocal performance on ‘Through The Phone’ is next level. And he brought a fun writing style to the lyrics that have given the track an extra flavour. We’ve already written three more tracks together, so this is the first but not likely to be the last time he’s on one of my tracks. I’m super excited to have him involved with my project.”

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