Invite energy into your life with these 5 EDM/House tunes

Aipate‘s latest EDM/house roundup brings together 5 songs carefully selected to suit an objective: to uplift you with feel-good vibes.

Lost + Found – “Searching”

Lost + Found are a rising artist-producer duo made up of ØJM and Tom Parker. The UK outfit is back with a new summer anthem, “Searching”. The vibrant dance tune features the amazing RuthAnne on the vocals. Mesmeric to say the least, “Searching” combines emotions with a euphoric feel-good vibe. The song is out via POSITIVA.

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Maxi Meraki – “Way Too Long”

Antwerp-based Belgian DJ/producer Maxi Meraki arrives on Dutch label artwrk (part of Be Yourself Music) with the single, “Way Too Long”. This is a funky piece of deep house. “Way Too Long” is also quite engaging lyrically, with the song exploring knowledge of self. The track is specially crafted for the keen fans of deep house music.

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Furkana Dulda – “Beyond the Sky”

Istanbul-born, Ankara-based, Furkan Dulda is a Turkish electronic producer known for his flavourful house music style. His latest single “Beyond the Sky” is a proper way to dive into his creative world. “Beyond the Sky” is an uplifting future house tune with rousing female vocals and bewitching melodies. The song is out on La Belle Musique Records.

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Parx – “Oh My”

British DJ/producer Parx released his latest single via Perfect Havoc, the London label with which he has a multi-single deal. Calling it “Oh My”, it’s a lovely mid-tempo house track that will awaken your sentimental side. “Oh My” has a dreamy vocal and engaging harmonies.

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Max Grosseck & Emily Fox – “Strobe Lights“

“Strobe Lights” is the first joint-release from 26-year-old Austrian producer Max Grosseck and singer-songwriter Emily Fox, a match clearly made in ‘EDM heaven’. Combining Max’s festival-ready production and Emily’s sultry energy, this song injects into the listener a feeling of pure ecstasy. “Strobe Lights” infuses elements of pop and, thanks to its irresistible melodies, the song will have you singing and dancing along.

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