Watch Cherry Dragon perform “Starlight”

Dublin R&B/soul artist Cherry Dragon introduced us to her passion-fueled music through the debut single “Altar”. For her second single named “Starlight”, the Irish-Nigerian artist channeled a vulnerability reminiscent of Nina Simone.

“Starlight” is an emotional piece that captures an empathetic Cherry. She explains, “I noticed so many people were struggling because they didn’t have the job or the relationship or the house they feel that they are ‘supposed to have’. It’s easy to fall for the pressure that society can project on to us but really its our lives and we only have the one. I decided I’m gonna live it how I want to.”

The singer had a not-very-stable childhood and is, essentially, already acquainted to unpleasant circumstances. Her ruminative lyrics and impassioned delivery ensure this song is so affecting.

Listen to “Starlight” and remember to follow Cherry Dragon on Instagram.

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