YAQI drops first single, “I’m On It”

Chinese singer, model and actress YAQI is introducing herself to Western audiences with debut single, “I’m On It”.

Born and raised in China, the artist moved to the US in 2019 to further her education. Prior to that change, she’d captured the attention of Chinese fans with her music.

“I’m On It” is a fresh pop track carrying elements of hip hop and R&B. A song describing YAQI’s act of balancing the various endeavors she’s committed to, it’s such a bold statement from her.

The lyrics ‘tryna be a goodie and a baddie that’s a lot, tryna be a model, singer, actress that’s a lot,’ that’s my real life,” YAQI explains. “I have so many auditions to do as an actor and new songs on the way as a singer. So many things in the works, but they’re the things that I’m passionate about.”

The song was written by singer-songwriter and producer Romy Dya and produced by Tadja.

You can find YAQI on Instagram.


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