EDM/house music roundup: 6 songs to listen to right now

Aipate‘s EDM/house roundup for the month of May is a short yet satisfying selection of fresh new tunes. These six songs will be a great addition to your playlist, which I guess was crying out for an update.

Galantis – “1×1”

The newest release from Swedish production, songwriting and DJ duo Galantis is the splendid “1×1”. The song arrived on Big Beat Records accompanied by a riveting visual. “’1×1’ is a club banger for the summer! Went in a bit of a different direction for this one, pulling some inspiration from early house music influences . Was a total goosebump moment to preview this tune at the sold out Red Rocks show last month, and now suuuuper excited for you all to hear it,” remarked Galantis. This is the perfect party anthem.

<<Find Galantis on Instagram>>

Du0 x Emily Coulston – “Overflow”

Australian producer/songwriter Du0 once again teamed up with Canadian singer Emily Coulston and together they created magic. The song is called “Overflow”, an emotional piece about the happy feeling experienced when you meet someone special for the first time. “Overflow” is a tropical house-flavoured track packed with gentle melodies and sweet vocals. Du0 comments: “In the past I’ve tended to have quite dark lyrics and time and this time around I wanted to do something different. Lyrically it’s about when you meet someone who makes you so happy that you can’t keep it inside. I teamed up with Emily Coulston again and her dreamy vocals blends beautifully into the acoustic sounds I used for the production.”

<<Find Du0 and Emily Coulston on Instagram>>

Digital Farm Animals x Kelli-Leigh – “Streets Of Gold”

For his first release on Helix Records, UK producer Digital Farm Animals crafted an infectious tune, “Streets Of Gold”. The disco-laced house jam features powerful vocals of singer Kelli-Leigh. “Streets Of Gold” carries deliciously upbeat melodies which perfectly complement kelli-Leigh’s stunning delivery. Digital Farm Animals noted that “I’m so excited for the release of my new single ‘Streets Of Gold.’ The one took a lot of influence from the sound of deep house that I grew up loving and makes me think of the Summer! I hope it brings you good vibes too.”

<<Find Digital Farm Animals and Kelli-Leigh on Instagram>>

Chris Caulfield x StoneBridge – “Feelings (StoneBridge Indie Anthem Remix)”

“Feelings” by Canadian musician Chris Caulfield has a new remix by Grammy-nodded producer, StoneBridge. Titled “Feelings (StoneBridge Indie Anthem Remix)”, it saw the original track being transformed into an amazing candidate for the dancefloor. The vibrant house house track carries summer vibes enough to last the whole season. “Feelings (StoneBridge Indie Anthem Remix)” is a massive tune for sure.

<<Find Chris Caulfield and StoneBridge on Instagram>>

Alex Pizzuti x Shibui – “I Don’t Wanna Go To School”

“I Don’t Wanna Go To School” is the latest single from Italian DJ/producer Alex Pizzuti. Featuring vocals of Milan-raised singer-songwriter Shibui, it’s his first release of Ultra Records. “I Don’t Wanna Go To School” is catchy, energetic and anthemic. The producer and vocalist were surely on the same wavelength with this one.

<<Find Alex Pizzuti and Shibui on Instagram>>

MISERO x VIGIL – “Be Alright”

German producers MISERO and VIGIL recently joined forces and created “Be Alright”. It’s an uplifting house track with a warm male vocal. “It’s a very personal track and the subject matter is close to my heart, so I would love to hear what you think about it,” MISERO said on Instagram while releasing the song. The track is out on THERAPY Records.

<<Find MISERO and VIGIL on Instagram>>


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