New Release Friday: songs out on July 22nd

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With New Release Friday playlist now fully updated to reflect this week’s selection, below are seven of those songs.

Nnyasha – “Perfection”

A Zimbabwean native, singer Nnyasha is currently residing in Sydney, Australia. She is quite a talented artist and she got to showcase it on her newest song, “Perfection”. This is an energetic Afro pop track with hints of amapiano. “Perfection” brings out the realist in Nnyasha, with the singer maintaining she is not looking for a perfect partner but one with whom they’ll share a true connection. I really like her vocals and lyrics.

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AmPm x Michael Kaneko – “Streets of Tokyo”

Japanese production duo AmPm are back with a new single named “Streets Of Tokyo”. With this one, they did team up with Tokyo-born singer Michael Kaneko. “Streets of Tokyo” is an electrifying and vibey electro pop jam laden with lush synths and creamy vocals. The song manages to transport the listener to the neon lights-filled city and implants in them a wanderlust feeling.

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Nuela Charles – “Top of the World”

Singer Nuela Charles‘ new single “Top of the World” is bright and outright exuberant. The buoyant song came accompanied by a similarly fun video. Directed by Tatiana Zagorac, the visual captures Nuela in a confident and blissful mood. “Top of the World” is irresistibly dance-inducing. She notes, “I wanted to write a song that was celebrating me, and my awesomeness, and I think everyone can relate to that. We are all unique and special and amazing in our own ways – so let’s celebrate that!,”

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Maxi Meraki x Idd Aziz – “Tsona”

Belgium’s Maxi Meraki makes a return with a splendid new tune. Named “Tsona”, the new track saw him pair up with Kenyan singer Idd Aziz. “Tsona” is generally a feel-good Afro-house jam with enchanting vocals and a hypnotic feel. Maxi’s great production, paired with great delivery from Aziz, ensures you’ll be listening to the 7-minute track on repeat.

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Robledo x Lennis Rodriguez – “Tu Mejor Respuesta”

Spanish sensation Robledo recently collaborated with Dominican-born singer Lennis Rodriguez. The result is “Tu Mejor Respuesta”, an energetic Latin-pop duet produced by Spain’s Antonio Escobar. “Tu Mejor Respuesta” was was released alongside a stunning visual. Robledo’s previous effort was the remix of “Tú Me Querías”, featuring Abraham Mateo.

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Madeline Consoer – “How Do I Not”

As the follow-up to “Wish It Away”, pop newcomer (and former The Voice participant) Madeline Consoer has shared a new single, “How Do I Not”. It’s a pensive yet exquisite piece that highlights the singer’s sublime vocals. Madeline’s lyrics are utterly harrowing. “I wrote this song when I was going through probably the hardest breakup of my life. No matter what I did, or immersed myself in. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, or what he was doing, or what we could have been. ‘How Do I Not’ is about absolutely not being able to let go of someone, no matter how hard you try. Everything reminds you of them, so how can you NOT think of them,” she explains. Madeline is surely one to watch.

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Little Dume – “Lose My Head”

Little Dume are an American indie-band from Los Angeles. With the unveiling of their new song “Lose My Head”, they’ve launched the march towards the release of their debut album. “Lose My Head” is an upbeat and infectious tune with sweet lyrics and inviting summer vibes. This, by the way, is their first single of 2022 and it’s definitely a sign of what to come.

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