EDM music roundup: 10 songs to add to your playlist

Get to update your playlist with these new EDM/house tunes which were carefully selected. A brief detail about each selection is provided. Also included are links to the artists’ social media pages.

Syn Cole x Alida – “Shadow”

Estonian EDM mainstay Syn Cole released a lovely record last weekend. Named “Shadow”, it’s a lyric-driven dance tune featuring vocals of Norwegian-raised Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Alida. The track is bright and euphoric and features a captivating topline. Alida’s vocals complement Cole’s synths and melodies so well. “Shadow” is out of Helix Records, a division of Payday Records.

<<Find Syn Cole and Alida on Instagram>>

Mats Westbroek – “Eagle”

Netherlands-based label Be Yourself Music presents a new single by Dutch producer and vocalist Mats Westbroek. The song is called “Eagle”. In creating this track, Mats was hands-on, playing all the instruments and laying the vocals. “Eagle” is so uplifting and has an effect that goes beyond the dancefloor. Its summery melodies keep you relaxed and at the same time emotionally engaged.

<Find Mats Westbroek on Instagram>>

Alfie Cridland x Damon Hess x Tannergard x MICHAELA – “Single Life”

Three acclaimed producers Alfie Cridland, Damon Hess and Tannergard joined forces for a new banger which was released on UK label Perfect Havoc. The song is named “Single Life” and features vocals from British singer/songwriter MICHAELA. Meant for the dancefloor, “Single Life” ushers in a moment of pure bliss. It carries carefree energy which is quite infectious.

<<Find Alfie Cridland, Damon Hess, Tannergard and MICHAELA on Instagram>>

Fairplay – “Latlal”

“Latlal” is a deep house track by Jordanian duo Fairplay. It comes filled with bewitching vocals delivered by Sahrawi singer Mariem Hassan. “Latlal” is imbued with that Middle Eastern flavour which is manifested though the intricately weaved melodies. For those who are just learning about Fairplay, the track is a great introduction. Producers Faisal and Fuad make up the talented duo.

<<Find Fairplay on Instagram>>

Thomas Jack – “No Landing”

After a five-year-hiatus leading to a transformation in sound, Australia’s Thomas Jack made a return a couple of months ago. His first release “Sandman” introduced his new style. Then came “Mae”. Now, the artist’s third offering, “No Landing”, is out — and it’s so mesmerizing. Speaking about the track, Thomas Jacks says, “The Initial idea for ‘No Landing’ started with a grungy bassline made on an old vintage memorymoog. This baseline sparked my creative energy, and I started to build out the track with drums, and synths and continued expanding on that initial baseline. I arrived at a sound that seemed simple, but still sounded crisp and full-toned“.

<<Find Thomas Jack on Instagram>>

VCATION – “Rise Up”

VCATION are Swedish EDM duo composed of producers and longtime friends Michel Zitron and John Martin. The outfit recently released a new single called “Rise Up”. It’s a spirit-boosting deep-house cut which we all can do with during those low times. “Rise” follows the song “Miss U”. It was released on the label Flower Room.

<<Find VCATION on Instagram>>

Joel Corry x Becky Hill – “History”

Award-winning UK DJ/producer Joel Corry teamed up with vocal powerhouse Becky Hill and delivered the song “History”. A music video was released last Friday to accompany the EDM/pop anthem. “History” follows Corry’s “What Would You Do?”, a track on which he collaborated with David Guetta and Bryson Tiller. Speaking about this new song, the producer says, “I’ve been a big Becky Hill fan for many years and I’m honoured to collaborate with her. We clicked instantly in the studio and I’m so excited to release this banger with Becky and make HISTORY together this summer.”

<<Find Joel Corry and Becky Hill on Instagram>>

Maryon King – “Boys Will Be Boys”

Mayron King is an emerging artist who was born in Moldova, raised in Italy and currently based in LA. Armed with a powerful voice, she has slowly but surely been scaling the heights of pop music. Her latest offering is a dance-pop track named “Boys Will Be Boys”. The vibrant and melody-filled track is the first single from her upcoming debut EP. Commenting about the release, Maryon says: “It’s about the fickle nature of modern relationships – or ‘situationships’ – where the person you thought cared about you only wants you for your body“.

<<Find Maryon King on Instagram>>

R3HAB x Laidback Luke – “Weekend On A Tuesday”

“Weekend On A Tuesday” is a new EDM banger bringing together R3HAB with Laidback Luke. The bouncy and sizzling track marks the first collaboration between the two superstars. “Weekend On A Tuesday” is a lighthearted ode to those weeknights when you feel like going out and letting loose. That fun-loving vibe is further captured in the music video. “After many months and many versions back and forth, Luke and I are excited to share ‘Weekend On A Tuesday’ with the world. This is a song about breaking away from the norm and choosing to follow your own beat. Sometimes you need to bring the energy to the start of the week – this song is made to get the party started, and we are happy to be part of the launch of anotherblock platform,” says R3HAB.

<<Find R3HAB and Laidback Luke on Instagram>>

Anthony Nicholson x Brandon Markell Holmes – “Found”

Out on toucan sounds, “Found” is a new collaboration between Anthony Nicholson and Brandon Markell Holmes. While Nicholson is a Chicago-native DJ/producer who’s crafted dance tunes for decades, Holmes is a Brooklyn-based vocal-house specialist. “Found” features lush production, soulful vocals and emotive harmonies. The original track arrived accompanied with another version which is heavier on instrumental elements.

<<Find Anthony Nicholson and Brandon Markell Holmes on Instagram>>


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