New Release Friday: songs out on May 21st

New Release Friday weekly roundup is now one year old! Beginning with Aipate listing new releases each Friday, to the current format which includes a weekly-updated Spotify playlist, this endeavor gets more and more exciting for us as we continue with our curation.

…and this week’s update is now up. Check out some of the songs we’ve selected for you.

Don Altae – “Shades Of Blue”

As the year progresses, Washington, D.C.-based singer-songwriter and producer Don Altae continues to share one gem after another. His fourth single of 2021, which is titled “Shades Of Blue”, is now out. It’s a summer-ready and pop-leaning R&B jam. Describing the Kelly FitzGerald-produced track, Don notes: “It revolves around a metaphoric sound and lyrical depiction of a deep love interest. The phrase ‘under your shades’ describes the deep beauty and intricacies of a true love“. Altae’s vocals and penmanship will leave you utterly impressed.

<<Find Don Altae on Instagram>>

Talia Jackson – “You”

Emerging singer-songwriter (and actress who plays “Jade” in the Netflix series, Family Reunion) Talia Jackson is debuting a new single and video. Titled “You”, it is an emotive and passionate song that sees her bare her soul out. The alt-R&B piece is about a painful heartbreak. Talia puts things into perspective on Instagram, “…writing this song was both the beginning & the ending of so much for me, it began my love for song writing and journey of self exploration while simultaneously helping me end something I thought I had wanted for so long. heartbreak sucks in fact it’s probably the worst thing ever but I’m super thankful to the MF who broke me to pieces because without that experience I wouldn’t have been able to build the person I am today.”

<<Find Talia Jackson on Instagram>>

DJ AK x Adesha – “Crush”

Oakland-raised Californian singer-songwriter Adesha did join forces with Lyon-based, French electro-funk producer DJ AK and the result is “Crush”. This is a funky and fun-inducing disco/pop cut. “Crush” profits from Adesha’s soulful vocals and AK’s wealth of hit-making experience; the producer has churned heavy-hitting tunes for the likes of Tha Dogg Pound and the late Big Syke. “Crush” brings that alluring retro vibe to the party.

<<Find DJ AK and Adesha on Instagram>>

Stupid Goldfish x Calum Venice – “Down That Road”

Your speakers will never be the same again after playing “Down That Road”. The blasting house track is a collaboration pairing German production duo Stupid Goldfish and UK artist Calum Venice. Despite the vibrant and dance-inducing production, “Down That Road” is emotionally affecting. The record is out via LoudKult.

<<Find Stupid Goldfish and Calum Venice on Instagram>>

Vi. & ZOEY – “It Was Good (Until It Wasn’t)”

Arriving via ART:ERY Music Group is the latest single from Vi., the Swedish production duo made up by producers Per Berglin and Adrian Bellan. The song is named “It Was Good (Until It Wasn’t)” and features vocals of ZOEY, also known as BELL. It is a thumping deep-house track with a mainstream appeal. Vi. explain, “‘It Was Good (Until It Wasn’t)’ tells a story about being in the process of realizing your self-worth while getting out of a destructive relationship. It captures that one moment of understanding that you deserve better and the importance of being selfish, even if it means you might break someone’s heart.

<<Find Vi. and ZOEY on Instagram>>

Caterina Eliza – “I Can Get Up Now”

Rohdos Records presents the song “I Can Get Up Now”. This is the newest single from Oslo-based Norwegian newcomer Caterina Eliza. The 25-year-old co-wrote the piece with Jonas Rohde-Moe, who produced the track alongside Øyvind Mathisen (with mixing and mastering being handed by Andreas Eide Larsen and Morgan Nicolaysen, respectively). “I Can Get Up Now” is an uplifting and catchy tune with an 80’s-esque production. Listening to the song, you’ll find yourself marveling at Eliza’s vocals and mature songwriting.

<<Find Caterina Eliza on Instagram>>

​The Lonely Together – “Keep a Secret”

The Lonely Together is a rock band from Edinburgh, Scotland. The UK outfit is getting ready to unveil their debut album, Everything Viewed Backwards Through The Rearviewmirror. Taken from that upcoming LP is this newly released single, “Keep a Secret”. The song is an upbeat pop/rock anthem bathed in awesome melodies. The song wholeheartedly explores a cautionary tale of misplaced trust and lessons learned the hard way.

<<Find The Lonely Together on Instagram>>

Nina June – “Trust Fall”

Dutch singer and songwriter Nina June is expected to release her new EP, Side A – Our Garden, on June 25 via Nettwerk Records. Meanwhile, the Amsterdam-based artist is sharing a new single “Trust Fall“, which arrives accompanied by a live-performance video. “Trust Fall” is a delicately woven and piano-guided ode to our planet. The song advocates for a healthy relationship with mother nature.

<<Find Nina June on Instagram>>

Lucas DiPasquale – “Begging For The Tide”

Combining his admirable singer-songwriter skills with a love for hip-hop, Canadian artist Lucas DiPasquale makes a sweet concoction of bedroom-pop. His latest effort is a song he calls “Begging For The Tide”. The track epitomizes that yearning for a breezy, laidback getaway with a significant other. “Begging For The Tide” is a summer-loving romantic anthem.

<<Find Lucas DiPasquale on Instagram>>

OLI – “Think About It”

London singer-songwriter OLI is sharing her first single of the year. Called “Think About It”, it is gorgeous, reflective and generally soothing. OLI created a heartwarming video to accompany the indie-pop track, adding some clips from her childhood. About “Think About It”, the artist explains: “There are days when you won’t have any control over your thoughts, you’ll think of anything and everything all at once. I wanted the song to show how that felt. When it’s late at night and all I can tell myself is ‘don’t over think’, whilst knowing I absolutely will anyway.”

<<Find OLI on Instagram>>

AZRA x Buxxi – “Dirty (Remix)”

Los Angeles-based Korean-American artist AZRA recently mesmerized fans with her “Dirty” single. Now, she returns with a remix featuring Colombian artist Buxxi. The Latin-inspired urban/pop track is injected with a fresh dose of energy. “Dirty (Remix)” is AZRA’s tribute to her Latinx fans and an exhibition of the cultural influences that she acquired while growing up in the Bay Area.

<<Find AZRA and Buxxi on Instagram>>

Felix Cartal x Hanne Mjøen – “My Last Song”

After “Only Me” featuring Karen Harding, Canadian electronic producer Felix Cartal‘s next single is here. The track is called “My Last Song” and features vocals of Norwegian pop star Hanne Mjøen. These releases will culminate in the unveiling of Expensive Sounds For Nice People, an album which drops June 25th via Physical Presents. Speaking on this collaboration with Cartal, Hanne notes, “‘My Last Song’ is the perfect description of how it feels to invest every emotion and put all your energy and time into making music. It’s hard to balance relationships and a career, especially when they ask for too much or start accusing you of being cold. I loved writing this with Felix, it’s so rare I work with producers that actually cares about the lyrics, and we connected on this vibe.”

<<Find Felix Cartal x Hanne Mjøen on Instagram>>

Olivia Soli – “Boy Bye”

The release of the single “Boy Bye” marks the debut for Olivia Soli. The Los Angeles-based pop singer paired the song with a stunning, colourful music video typifying the modern dating scene. She sings from the position of invulnerability. “The inspiration for ‘Boy Bye’ is drawn from situations where ‘the thrill is in the chase,’” says Olivia. “Meaning, as soon as the boy thinks he has a hold on you, he is suddenly not interested. As soon as he sees us girls thriving and enjoying life without him, he wants to crawl back.”

<<Find Olivia Soli on Instagram>>

Tayong – “1994”

UK emcee Tayong has released a new single, “1994”. Recently, Aipate covered his “Awake” single. You’ll notice that the Luton-based rapper’s style is heavily lyrical. With “1994”, he picked a boombap-y beat carrying jazz influences. Tayong delivers his bars smoothly, doing the instrumental justice.

<<Find Tayong on Instagram>>

I.M YONI x Corine – “Brillando”

I.M YONI (short for Independent Musicians of Yoni) is a Mexico City-based, all-female collective whose membership includes Estefani Brolo, twin sisters Josefa and Esperanza de Velasco, Ana Rizo and Ximena Duggan. The outfit has just shared a new dancefloor-filler featuring French artist Corine. Named “Brillando”, it’s an engaging nu-disco track released via the toucan sounds label. The music video will be released on June 2, ahead of I.M YONI’s upcoming debut EP, Premier (expected this coming July).

<<Find I.M Yoni and Corine on Instagram>>

L.E.D. – “All Summer Long”

Following her debut single, “Addicted”, 17-year-old Chicago artist L.E.D. (also known as Ellie Depooter) has unveiled the second one. Aptly named “All Summer Long”, this new song carries irresistible summer vibes. Its upbeat instrumental is flavoured with warm melodies which set up the singer for an epic delivery. “All Summer Long” is breezy, fun and anthemic. You can expect L.E.D. to share more songs as she prepares to drop her debut album later in the year.

<<Find L.E.D. on Instagram>>

Lu City x BomboCat – “Party On Me”

Here is something fresh from the Caribbeans. The song is “Party On Me” by Costa Rican DJ/producer BomboCat and Lu City, an artist-duo hailing from the island nation of St. Lucia. It’s a fun-loving and sexy tune that will ensure the party never stops. “Party On Me” is out via Bashment Records.

<<Find Lu City and BomboCat on Instagram>>

Caroline Sky – “White Lace”

“White Lace” is a new alt-R&B jam by talented US artist Caroline Sky. With tongue-in-cheek lyrics, strong vocals and an elegant production, the song feels so refreshing. “White Lace” delves into the concept of weddings and marriage and was inspired by Caroline’s own startling experience on a first date.

<<Find Caroline Sky on Instagram>>

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