New Release Friday: songs out on June 11th

Set your stereos in position and dive into this week’s New Release Friday playlist/selection.

Jafunk x Dana Williams x Nic Hanson – “You Got Me”

Jafunk again links up with soul songstress Dana Williams for a disco-funk track. Named “You Got Me”, the song also features singer Nic Hanson and it is the second single from Jafunk’s upcoming 3-song EP. Previously, he released “Weekend Love” featuring Dana and Mike Nasa. “You Got Me” has that glamorous 70s and 80s feel.

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All Day Breakfast Cafe – “Old School Struggling”

As their debut single, 7-member, all-girl band All Day Breakfast Cafe have shared “Old School Struggling”. Inspired by 70s disco, it is an engaging dance song made around the idea of daily hustles. The band notes that it “is about the hustle lifestyle most of us, especially young people, are way too familiar with right now. You’re working through your weekend, juggling side-hustles, slogging a painful 9-5, and still somehow struggling to make rent each month.” All Day Breakfast Cafe are gearing to release their debut EP Builder’s Brew later this year.

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AMIIGO – “Fade”

Up-and-coming Swedish electronic producer AMIIGO has delivered a new house music banger. Self-released, the song is entitled “Fade” and it has feel-good, tropical vibes. “Fade” carries a female vocal imbued with emotion. The track has an irresistible summer allure.

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Suriel Hess – “late nights and lonely”

Suriel Hess is on a meteoric rise. The 21-year-old, folk-pop singer-songwriter brings that impressive form to his latest single, “late nights and lonely”. Produced by Peter Fenn, it is a gorgeous piece with quite a chill vibe. This romantic ballad reminds us just how gifted Suriel is; he already showcased this on his debut EP, overthinking.

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Casey Shirin – Antidote

Still an upstart, New Zealand/German artist Casey Shirin is already proving to be sensation. She is back with “Antidote”, a poignant new ballad about a toxic relationship in which the love is both the poison and the remedy. Built around delicate piano keys, the indie-pop track saw the teenage artist work with production duo Quarterhead. On “Antidote”, Casey hits us with her vulnerable lyrics and evocative vocals.

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Pink Elefants – “Foolish”

Pink Elefants are a US music duo made up by Finch and Illeven, two artists and longtime friends from Baltimore, Maryland. Since their 2019 debut, the outfit has continued to entertain fans with impressive tunes. Their latest is called “Foolish” and it’s super-infectious. Speaking about it, Pink Elefants remark: “the song is simply saying, ‘hey, I am not like those other guys, you know, the type who hit you up at 3am.’ This is an anthem to the people who are authentic and who will actually work for the ones they love.”

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Geographer – “Hollow (Do You?)”

“Hollow (Do You?)” is a modern synth-pop record by Geographer (also known as Mike Deni). The track has a smooth, laidback feel, which is further compounded by the singer’s amazing vocal delivery. “Hollow (Do You?)” is passionate, with the song being about the hurtful things some people say to their romantic partners. The artist says, “…this song asks the question, which I wish people asked themselves much more frequently: do you really mean that?…

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Cy – “Don’t Sleep With My Ex”

“Don’t Sleep With My Ex” by Cy (the solo project by Swedish songwriter Amanda Cygnaeus) is one part a bitter breakup song and another part an expression of anger towards one’s best friend. It has a similar vibe to the artist’s debut single “My Name Next To Yours“, although the tone on this one is more brash. “I was a ticking bomb when I came to the studio that day and all of my anger and confusion just exploded into this song. It’s not about me hating on someone’s relationship, but rather about feeling betrayed by a close friend,” Cy opens up. “Whenever I’m wondering if I’m exaggerating and being petty about two people finding love, I go back and listen to this song. It makes me remember that some things you might not be able to forgive, and that’s okay.

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YouNotUs x Michael Schulte – “Bye Bye Bye”

It finally happened; production duo YouNotUs and singer/songwriter Michael Schulte joined forces on a track. The song is “Bye Bye Bye” and, so good it is, it was worth the wait. “Bye Bye Bye” is about a lovelorn person hoping for a fresh start. Creatively, YouNotUS and Schulte complemented each other so well, with the result being a song you’ll want to replay several times.

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ODEONS x JOEY DJIA – “I Can’t Pretend

ODEONS are a Finnish production duo (Mikko and Pati) specializing in pop, rock and adjacent genres. For their latest single “I Can’t Pretend”, they linked up with Australian singer JOEY DJIA and the result is an upbeat tune that will engage both your heart and body. The lovely guitars and booming bass are meant to keep you on your feet while you relate to the lyrics. “I Can’t Pretend” is a vulnerable yet empowering anthem for those who have been stuck in a toxic love and can no longer deny that they’re near breaking point.

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Scott Helman – “Old Friends”

Arriving alongside a nice-looking music video, Canadian artist Scott Helman‘s brand new single “Old Friends” is massive. This is the musician’s first release of 2021 — and the followup to last year’s Nonsuch Park (sa) album. The pop/rock song captures the angst associated with missing one’s friends and the activities (some unhealthy) enjoyed together. Of course, this is a feeling that COVID-19 introduced many of us to.

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Eden Rain – “Rent In The City”

UK alt-pop singer-songwriter Eden Rain returns with her third single intriguingly named “Rent In The City”. The song underscores the youngster’s unique approach to creating music. “Rent In The City” was inspired by her relocation to London (from Leeds) and being awestruck by city life. Eden accompanied the song with a simple yet striking video.

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Jon Bryant – “Candied Tangerines”

Canadian singer-songwriter Jon Bryant swims in warm groves as he delivers new single, “Candied Tangerines”. It is a playful song that the artist says was inspired by a visit to Los Angeles’ Sportsmen’s Lodge. “It was as though all of old Hollywood was there. Drank margs with some silver foxes til my face was pink…” Next to the track arrives a stunning visual starring the artist alongside a cast of models.

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Daniel Etherton – “Disappear”

London-based songwriter Daniel Etherton‘s second single titled “Disappear” captures the moment in a relationship when one realizes that a breakup is the only option left. Thanks to the gripping melody and brooding lyrics, the song is quite moving. Daniel’s delivery is more of a lamentation, so affecting.

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Kleak & Veebu x Noa Angell – “COme & Go)

“Come & Go” is the song that has just been released Kleak & Veebu, the duo made of Italian producers Nico (Kleak) and Pietro (Veebu). The melody-filled and pop-leaning house track features vocals of Noa Angell and was released via Frequency Music. “Come & Go” is about that past relationship which you just can get over.

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Patrik Jean – “Gravitate”

Sweden’s Patrik Jean is back with a new single named “Gravitate”. It’s an electro pop song with bouncy beats and fresh melodies. The emerging singer-songwriter’s lyrics and vocals are both so captivating. About the song, he comments: “‘Gravitate’ is a tribute to that person you will always orbit around. With this song I went very conceptual and I let my mind run free with metaphors to describe that love you can’t stay away from.

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